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Tag: What size EZGO tires do you have for your golf carts

how to change tire on ez go golf cart

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How to change a tire on a golf cart?

Place the floor jack underneath the frame of the golf cart, in proximity of the tire you need to change. With the help of the floor jack, raise the golf cart so that the tire is slightly suspended. Now remove the lug nuts and the tire completely. Set the replacement tire on the wheel hub.

What size EZGO tires do you have for your golf carts?

We have ezgo tires and ezgo wheels readily available for your RVX, TXT, Medalist and Marathon golf cart models and they come in 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches and 14 inches in size.

How do you jack up a golf cart?

To jack up a golf cart you’ll need to locate the jack points, engage the parking brake and then use a jack to carefully lift the golf cart in the air. Locate the jack point on both sides of the back wheel. The jack point is usually located by the side frame, just behind the front wheel or inboard of where they meet.

Can I replace my golf cart wheels on a Saturday?

Owning a golf cart comes with a lot of fun – and some responsibility. Once in a while, your golf cart wheels will have to be replaced. While you can take your little cart to a professional for the tire replacement, you can do it on your own on a Saturday afternoon.

Place the Jack Near the Flat Tire

At first I couldn’t get the jack up under the rear axle – but a group of golfers came to the rescue and lifted up the golf cart so I could get the jack in near the tire that went flat.

Remove the Golf Cart Wheel Cover

Next I removed the golf cart wheel cover so that I could get to the lug nuts and wheel.

Loosen the Lug Nuts

I loosen the lug nuts with a socket and ratchet wrench. But I didn’t take them off the tire just yet.

The Jack

Next I went back and raised the golf cart with the jack so that the tire was now barely off the ground as you can see in this picture.

Lower the Jack & Tighten the Lug Nuts

I lowered the jack some – just enough so that there is a little pressure on the golf cart tire – but not too much. Then I tighten the lug nuts.

Continue to Lower the Jack

Next I lowered the jack until all the pressure was not residing on the new tire. Remove the jack. Replace the wheel cover.

Test the Flat Tire for Leaks

I brought the golf cart tire to the local auto mechanic shop to have it tested for a leak or a hole. First they inspected it and couldn’t see any puncture or hole. Then they sprayed it with soap and immersed the tire in a tank of water where they check for bubbles.

How to lower golf cart tire pressure?

Using the floor jack, gently lower the golf cart so that some pressure is put onto the new tire (in order to keep it from spinning)

How to loosen lug nuts on a tire?

Using the tire tool, loosen the lug nuts of the tire being changed in a counter-clockwise direction. Do not remove the lug nuts – simply loosen them.

How to stop a golf cart from rolling?

Make sure that the golf cart is on level ground before changing the tire. Turn off the engine and put the parking brake on. Wedge material against the other tires (not the one that is being changed) to prevent the golf cart from rolling. Using the tire tool, loosen the lug nuts of the tire being changed in a counter-clockwise direction.

Why do you need a floor jack for a golf cart?

A small floor jack is needed because so it can fit underneath the golf cart. And since golf carts are lighter, smaller floor jacks are able to withstand the weight. Bricks, wood, or other material that can be used to wedge underneath other tires to prevent rolling.

What to use to wedge a golf cart?

Floor Jack – make sure that it is able to fit underneath the golf cart. Bricks, wood, or other material that can be used to wedge underneath other tires to prevent rolling. Socket wrench, racket, or other tire tool that will be used to remove the lug nuts. Replacement tire or fixed tire.

Where to put tire replacement?

Place the replacement tire on the wheel hub so that the tread appears to go toward the front, thus allowing the grass, dirt, and mud to be diverted away from the tire when in use.

Can you put your arms under a golf cart?

Do not put your legs, arms, or other body parts underneath the golf cart, even when raised with the floor jack. Do not allow other people or children to be seated in the golf cart while you are changing the tire. Do not allow other people or children to play around the golf cart while you are changing the tire.

What Do You Need for Changing Golf Cart Tires?

Fortunately, you already have most of the necessary tools laying around the house.

How to replace golf cart tire?

Note: If you do not plan to replace the tire right away, make sure you lower the golf cart using the floor jack. Keep the golf cart leveled until you return and finish the replacement. …

How to remove lug nuts from a tire?

Unscrew the lug nuts of the tire with the tire tool ( turn in a counter-clockwise direction). Do not remove the pieces; just loosen them.

Why won’t my golf cart jack work?

Normal-sized jacks will not work because a golf cart is too low to the ground. And since a golf cart is so much lighter than a regular vehicle, a smaller floor jack will be able to bear the weight. Park the golf cart on level ground before changing the tire, and turn off the engine. Put the parking brake on for additional stability.

What size wheels do golf carts come in?

The golf cart wheels usually come in 8″, 10″, 12″, or 14″ diameters. These measurements represent the distance between the outer outline of the wheel rim and the direct opposite edge of the outer outline. Keep in mind the wheel sizes do not influence the tire’s performance. Larger wheels are for aesthetic purposes only.

What is a golf cart?

A golf cart is a vehicle – electric or gas-powered – which transport golfers and their gear around the golf course. Created to meet the golfer’s needs, the carts come with several comfort and safety features. For instance, golf carts are designed low to the ground, which makes for a low center of gravity.

What does offset mean on golf carts?

Larger wheels are for aesthetic purposes only. Meanwhile, an offset wheel means the hub mounting surface is not in the center. On lifted golf carts and those designed for off-roading, the wheels will always feature negative offsets.

Why does a golf cart need to be jacked up at times?

A golf cart needs to be jacked up at times when the tires need replacing or if there is a flat tire.

Is it bad to Jack Up a Golf Cart?

No, it is not bad for a cart to be jacked up. It can help with the handling of your golf car if you are having problems! Just make sure that nothing is obstructing underneath before lifting.

What is the Difference between Jacking Up and Lifting a golf cart?

The difference between jacking up a vehicle and lifting a golf cart is that when you jack up a vehicle, the tires are off the ground. When lifting, it is usually lifting just one tire.

What Tools do I need to jack up a golf cart?

In order to safely jack up your EZGO or Club Car golf cart, you’ll need a jack, jack stand and a floor mat.

What type of jack is best to lift my golf cart?

A scissor-type floor jack is best to use when lifting a golf cart. The front and back wheels must be lifted evenly, so it stays balanced while being raised, which can be difficult with just one type of jacking device for each tyre at once.

What is a Project X HZRDUS shaft?

What is the Project X HZRDUS Black Fairway Wood shaft? Project X HZRDUS Black Fairway Wood shaft is a low spin golf shaft design. It comes with enhanced firmness over the entire length of the shaft….

How to turn off power on a golf cart?

Turn off the power by turning the key ignition to the off position on your golf cart. If you are unsure about where this button should be found, consult your owner’s manual for more information.

How to remove lug nuts from car?

If your car has a wheel cover, remove it to expose the lug nuts. Then, use your tire tool to remove the lug nuts from the wheel. After removing the lug nuts, remove the wheel from the lug studs.

How to raise a golf car?

Raise your golf car up using the floor jack. You should aim to position the jack on the part of the chassis closest to the wheel you’ll be working on. Stabilize the other three tires with your brick, wood, or other sturdy material.

Do you need to remove the valve stem from the tire stem to remove the tire?

Sometimes, the wheel and tire of the car come preassembled. But if you are only replacing the tire—not the wheel—you’ll need to remove the valve stem from the tire stem to fully remove the tire. Your package should come with a tool for this purpose.

Can you change golf tires?

The process of changing a golf car’s tire is similar to changing the tire of a standard vehicle. However, there are a few differences in the process due to the smaller size of a golf car and the sometimes differing structure of their wheels and tires. Follow the steps below to change your golf car’s wheels.

Do golf cart tires need to be changed?

Like cars and other vehicles, golf cars will occasionally need to have their wheels changed. This could be due to damage or normal wear , but regardless of the reason, it’s important to know how to change your golf car’s tires properly before beginning. To successfully change your tires, follow these tips for how to replace golf cart tires correctly.

Frequent Low Pressure

The symptom most cart owners will notice first is when they need to reinflate their tires at a higher frequency than normal. The need to constantly fill up your tires can mean a few things, such as cracking rubber or a fading seal.


When you’re driving over different surfaces in your golf cart, the tires run the risk of rolling over sharp objects such as rocks, nails, or blades. Once these objects pierce into the rubber, the tire won’t last long, if at all. Resealing the rubber is a very difficult process and can often have less-than-ideal results.

Worn Out Treads

The treads allow the cart to maintain its traction while driving, but the constant friction will inevitably wear down the tread until it’s too shallow to work. The shallower the tread, the more likely the cart is to lose its grip on the road and other driving surfaces.

Protect Yourself From Harm

Driving on old tires significantly increases the chances of vehicular failure; it can cause your cart to lose control and prevents you from correcting your course. Know the signs you need to replace your golf cart tires and always know where to look for golf cart tires and wheels for sale.