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Tag: What size golf clubs do I need as a junior

what length golf clubs for juniors

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DV2 drivers (for golfers measuring 39,42,45,48,51,54,57,60 and 63 inches)DV3 drivers (ages 3-5,5-7,7-9,8-10 and 9-11)A “yard club” 7 iron (ages 3-5,4-6,5-7 and 7-9)Ultralight Complete Sets (39-42,42-45,45-48,54-57,57-60 and 60-63 inches in height) with stand bags and head covers.

What size golf clubs do I need as a junior?

For a shorter junior, clubs will range from 20″ to 26″ in length and for a taller junior they will range from 42″ to 30″ in length from driver to putter. In Summary: What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need?

What is the average length of a child’s golf clubs?

If your youngster is especially tall for his age, consider custom made clubs with longer shafts. There is no standard, industry-wide maximum height for children’s golf clubs, but there is a club length chart for juniors on the Clubmaker.net website. The maximum listed club length is 38 to 39 inches for a youngster who is 5 feet tall.

What is the best length for a golf club?

Take note, however, that the length recommendations will vary depending on the type of the golf club. For instance, if the player is 40 inches, the most common recommended length for driver is 28 inches, 24 inches for a 5-iron, and 22 inches for a putter.

What is the best junior golf set for a 9 year old?

This Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Set has a putter, 3 Wood, and a 5/6, 7 and 9 iron. The bag and club covers are also included. This set is age-appropriate for 9-12 years old. Based on the driver length of 39, this junior golf set is best for children of heights 54-57.

How much heavier is the XK Protege and Daisy driver?

However, let’s look at the other club lengths in the set. The driver in the XK Protege and Daisy set is 200g and 10g heavier than the Versa driver, thus the length was made at a shorter length so it wouldn’t feel like a sledgehammer. On the opposite extreme, the #7-iron in the XK Protege and Daisy set only tipped the scales at 238g versus 250g for the Pal Joey set. In this case the suggested playing length was longer so it wouldn’t feel like a feather and balance the same weigh as the driver and #5-hybrid.

How much does a #5 hybrid weigh?

The common clubhead is the #5 hybrid which weighs 232g in both sets. To give you a perspective of how light this is, most adult #5-hybrids on the market range in weight between 242g and 256g. When we look at the Pal Joey Versa chart, the 30″ #5-hybrid weighing 232g would suggested for a child of 50″ in height while the 34″ #5-hybrid would be suggest for a 58″ tall player.

What is the difference between junior and adult clubs?

Another major difference in clubs marketed as junior, the club heads often made (for the most part) to lighter head weights as younger kids haven’t developed the strength to swing adults clubs. I say for the most part because the larger sized driver head may not always be lighter than an adult head. The other major problem is unlike adult head weights that often don’t change from manufacturer to manufacturer the same cannot be said about junior models. Their head weights can vary greatly.

How tall do you have to be to play junior golf?

Junior clubs are primarily designed for pre-teens or for kids that are 12 years old or younger. Usually when they reach 60 inches or 5 foot tall, then they no longer fit into junior clubs. At that point they go to clubs labeled as Teen.

What is junior golf?

For the golf industry that picture is quite different. Junior clubs are primarily designed for pre-teens or for kids that are 12 years old or younger. Usually when they reach 60 inches or 5 foot tall, then they no longer fit into junior clubs. At that point they go to clubs labeled as Teen. The other option is to use adult clubs, albeit at a shorter length.

Does the length of a club head change?

Any time you change club head weight, guess what? Length also changes as the two are interrelated as you want to maintain the same balance or heft in the player’s hands. Let’s say we were to make two junior clubs at the same length, but one with an adult head and one with a very lightweight junior model. Depending on the length, one might feel like a sledgehammer and the other a feather. This is why the recommended length should be proportional to the head weight.

What Are Standard Length Golf Clubs?

As you can see in our golf club size chart above these would typically fit in the 34″ to 35.5″ range.

Why is it important to know the size of your golf clubs?

This is because if you use golf clubs that are either too tall or too short for you there is a chance that you won’t hit shots consistently and more distance.

Why is it important to choose the right golf club size?

These range from having a better connection with your shots and hitting them from the correct lie angle. Both of these benefits will contribute to your achieving a better golf handicap score.

What does it mean to use the correct size golf club?

When you use the correct golf club sizes you will be hitting your shots with the ideal length club which will help you to get a solid contact on your shots. This accurate measurement can help you to achieve consistent contact by ensuring the club face is squared properly at impact.

How does the handicap index work?

The golf handicap index works by calculating your score s from previous rounds. Therefore with better shots you are more likely to achieve better scores on the golf course.

How to determine what length golf clubs to buy?

Using your height and then your wrist to floor measurements is a great way to get an idea of what the right length of clubs will be.

Why are golf clubs so complex?

The reason that golf club sizes can be a complex topic is because it isn’t as easy as just saying that height is the only factor in which size to choose. In our complete guide we will explore what other factors are at play and what some of the main benefits are from taking the time to choose golf club sizes bespoke to yourself.

How tall is a Dexton golf club?

Using the height vs. driver length chart above, this set of Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Clubs would be appropriate for heights of 36" to 42" with this 27" driver.

What should a young golfer have?

The typical set for the very youngest golfer should include a putter, a single lofted iron such as a 5-7 iron and a wood. These three clubs will suffice in the beginning.

What is included in the Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Set?

This Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Set has a putter, 3 Wood, and a 5/6, 7 and 9 iron. The bag and club covers are also included.

Why do taller golfers need heavier clubs?

Taller and stronger golfers will need heavier overall weighted clubs so as to allow for a more natural swing. If the clubs are too light , bad swing habits could develop .

How long should a golf club be for a child?

The length of the clubs should be based on the child’s height as well as the child’s athletic ability. If the clubs are too long, the golf junior will have a tendency to automatically choke down on the club, which will not be beneficial to the child’s swing. Obviously, the child’s build and athletic ability may allow for slightly longer clubs in some cases. And a larger child will have more body mass, which may allow for a somewhat longer club than would be appropriate for someone who is lighter weight. In addition, some youth golfers will have better hand-eye coordination, so a longer club could be in order.

How are kids golf sets broken down?

Most kids’ golf sets are broken down by age groupings, and for the beginning golfer that will work fine—in most cases. However, there are other considerations that should be taken into account.

Why are lofts so strong?

The lofts on adult clubs (mainly men’s clubs) are usually stronger, which makes it difficult for the younger golfer to get the ball airborne. All of these problems will make it much more difficult for your beginning golfer to learn and enjoy the game.

How To Select The Best Junior Golf Set?

When I started playing golf at the age of four, I was handed a cut-down 7-iron and a putter by Rory Sabbatini’s father. The club was heavy and challenging to launch, but it helped me hone my ball striking skills.

What is a lightweight composite shaft?

Lightweight Composite Shafts—The Driver, Hybrid, and Irons all feature a lightweight composite shaft that produces a faster clubhead speed for greater distance.

What is a sand wedge putter?

The Sand Wedge has a good bounce for easy extraction from the bunker and can also be used around the green for delicate chips.

How to start a golf game as a kid?

Starting out as a child to play golf is normally inspired by a parent (or both parents) playing the game. Whether it be a weekend hacker or social player, or a serious golfer, the child is taken along to the golf course and enjoys riding on the golf cart, more than the game itself. Dad will have cut down an old club and a putter to encourage the child to participate if playing a social game between the parents. Once the interest is “tweaked” it’s time to go to the next level and purchase a beginner’s set for children.

What is rescue wood?

Rescue and Fairway Wood—Designed to lift the ball easily from the fairway or rough and bridges the gap between driver and irons.

What is the height of the XJ1?

The XJ1 is a 4 -piece set built for height ranges between 38 and 46” and comprises a fairway wood, 7-iron, Sand Wedge, and Putter.

How tall is the XJ3?

The XJ3 is a 7-piece set built for height ranges between 54 and 61” and comprises a Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7-iron, 8-iron, Sand Wedge, and Putter.

What golf clubs do you need if you are shorter than the beginning height?

If you are shorter than the beginning height on the club measurement guide, then you will need to purchase "Ladies Junior" or "Petite" golf clubs.

How to measure your height?

Step 1. Measure your height standing in socks. For the most accurate measurements, don’t try to measure yourself. Ask a second person to assist you. Step 2. Stand with your hands hanging loosely by your side. Have your assistant measure the distance from where your wrist hinges to the ground, going straight down.

What is the average size of a golf club for women?

As a result, the standard size of golf club for women is shorter in length and is designed for women that are between 65-inches (5’5") and 69-inches (5’9") tall. For women who are shorter than 5’5", golf manufacturers produce a "petite" golf club that is both shorter and lighter than the standard length club.

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What is a Prodi G set?

Even though the Prodi G set from Ping is made for junior players, it’s packed with grown-up technology and features. The 15-piece set comes with a 460cc titanium driver, 17-4 stainless steel irons (6-PW), a fairway wood and hybrid, two Prodi G wedges that borrow design traits from Ping’s popular Glide 2.0 wedges, a Prodi G Voss putter, a stand bag and three headcovers. Ping also offers a one-time, no-charge service to have the clubs re-shafted or lengthened, re-weighted and re-gripped as your golfer gets taller. This junior set costs more than others, but with longer and stiffer shafts installed, there’s no reason these clubs won’t last long after your junior stops growing.

What size driver is in the King Complete Set?

Made for juniors over 53” tall, the King Complete Set has a 375cc driver which may not sound big on paper, but trust us, it looks enormous in a junior set. The fairway wood and hybrid are built for added distance and a higher trajectory, whereas the perimeter-weighted irons have wide soles to help improve contact — even on less than perfect strikes. The dual-strap carry bag is a winner in our books, but without question or debate, this junior set has the coolest looking driver headcover we’ve ever seen (it looks like a leather Puma ballcap that Rickie Fowler would wear).

What is the Rory McIlroy golf club set?

Making the most of Rory McIlroy’s endorsement, every club in this set is stamped with “RORY” on it to inspire your youngster (52”-60” tall) to swing big and go low. Available in pink or blue (also available in a parsed down set for smaller kids at a lower price), the set comes with a 400cc titanium clubhead, fairway and rescue club, two cavity-back irons, wedge, stand bag, and a St. Bernard driver headcover emblazoned with Rory’s signature on it.

What is the Junior Bazooka 360?

One of the best values around, the Junior Bazooka 360 Varsity 15-Piece Complete Set (yes, that name is way too long!) comes with a high MOI 460cc driver, two fairway woods, hybrid, 5-9 perimeter-weighted irons, pitching and sand wedge, and a putter. The “15th” piece in the set is a lightweight stand bag. It’s for older kids, but nonetheless, it comes with all that for under $300 bucks? We’re sold.

How tall is a kid golf club?

The Ultralight series are 10% lighter than standard clubs and can be purchased as individual pieces or in sets. They come in different length options, depending on a player’s height ranging from 39” to 63” tall.

Is buying junior clubs an exercise in futility?

We get it — buying junior clubs is an exercise in futility. Your budding superstar is going to keep growing up and sooner or later these smaller and more flexible clubs will become obsolete. We also know how tempting it is to cut down some old clubs you have in the garage thinking they’ll do just fine.

How to measure golf clubs for kids?

How to Measure Length for Children’s Golf Clubs. Outfit your child with clubs of proper length. It used to be customary to give your child your old golf clubs when he wanted to start whacking balls around. Your toss-offs, however, won’t fit many children, instructor Hank Haney asserts in Golf Digest. The shafts are too stiff, the grips are too big …

How long should a golf club be for a 3 foot child?

For example, a common chart for club makers and club fitters says that if your child is 3 feet tall, he should use a wood that is 26 1/2 to 27 1/2 inches long, a 5-iron that is 22 to 23 inches long and a 9-iron or pitching wedge that is 21 to 22 inches long.

Why do kids golf clubs have to be shorter?

However, if your child has unusually long or short arms for his height, he will need a shorter or longer club in order to ensure the lie will be correct when he assumes a normal stance. On the U.S. Kids Golf website, PGA master professional and coach John Godwin says that if the toe of the club head is off the ground because the length of the club is too long, your child likely will pull shots with every club in his bag.

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