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how do you size junior golf clubs

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How to Measure Golf Club Length for JuniorsCheck the Manufacturer’s Sizing Chart The best thing to do is to consult the sizing chart from the manufacturer. …Measure Your Child’s Height Let your child stand straight with the back flat against the wall. …Adjust the Length of the Golf Club If you have golf clubs that do not match the requirements of young players,you have the option to make the necessary adjustments. …

How to choose the right length of Junior’s golf clubs?

Hence, you need to ensure the right length of junior’s golf clubs. The best thing to do is to consult the sizing chart from the manufacturer. If you are buying online, such will most probably be published on their website or the platform where you are buying. They will often list the height of the junior player and the recommended golf club length.

Does my height determine my golf club size?

Editor’s Note: While doing the research for golf club sizing, you must have seen many club length charts that show adding or subtracting inches from the standard club length as per your height. We will refrain from adding such a chart because a player’s height on its own cannot determine club length.

What size of golf clubs do I Need?

Standard length clubs are typical for golfers of an average height and wrist to floor measurement. As you can see in our golf club size chart above these would typically fit in the 34″ to 35.5″ range. There are several benefits from choosing the correct golf club size for you.

How can I extend my junior golf clubs?

You can use portions of other used steel shafts to extend the clubs or insert hardwood dowels of the appropriate size to add new length and new life onto your junior golf set. If you do decide to purchase a set of longer shafts to extend the life of the set, our recommendation is not to go any more than one inch longer.

How tall is a Dexton golf club?

Using the height vs. driver length chart above, this set of Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Clubs would be appropriate for heights of 36" to 42" with this 27" driver.

What should a young golfer have?

The typical set for the very youngest golfer should include a putter, a single lofted iron such as a 5-7 iron and a wood. These three clubs will suffice in the beginning.

What is included in the Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Set?

This Dexton Big Driver Junior Golf Set has a putter, 3 Wood, and a 5/6, 7 and 9 iron. The bag and club covers are also included.

Why do taller golfers need heavier clubs?

Taller and stronger golfers will need heavier overall weighted clubs so as to allow for a more natural swing. If the clubs are too light , bad swing habits could develop .

How long should a golf club be for a child?

The length of the clubs should be based on the child’s height as well as the child’s athletic ability. If the clubs are too long, the golf junior will have a tendency to automatically choke down on the club, which will not be beneficial to the child’s swing. Obviously, the child’s build and athletic ability may allow for slightly longer clubs in some cases. And a larger child will have more body mass, which may allow for a somewhat longer club than would be appropriate for someone who is lighter weight. In addition, some youth golfers will have better hand-eye coordination, so a longer club could be in order.

How are kids golf sets broken down?

Most kids’ golf sets are broken down by age groupings, and for the beginning golfer that will work fine—in most cases. However, there are other considerations that should be taken into account.

Why are lofts so strong?

The lofts on adult clubs (mainly men’s clubs) are usually stronger, which makes it difficult for the younger golfer to get the ball airborne. All of these problems will make it much more difficult for your beginning golfer to learn and enjoy the game.

How to measure golf clubs for kids?

How to Measure Length for Children’s Golf Clubs. Outfit your child with clubs of proper length. It used to be customary to give your child your old golf clubs when he wanted to start whacking balls around. Your toss-offs, however, won’t fit many children, instructor Hank Haney asserts in Golf Digest. The shafts are too stiff, the grips are too big …

How long should a golf club be for a 3 foot child?

For example, a common chart for club makers and club fitters says that if your child is 3 feet tall, he should use a wood that is 26 1/2 to 27 1/2 inches long, a 5-iron that is 22 to 23 inches long and a 9-iron or pitching wedge that is 21 to 22 inches long.

Why do kids golf clubs have to be shorter?

However, if your child has unusually long or short arms for his height, he will need a shorter or longer club in order to ensure the lie will be correct when he assumes a normal stance. On the U.S. Kids Golf website, PGA master professional and coach John Godwin says that if the toe of the club head is off the ground because the length of the club is too long, your child likely will pull shots with every club in his bag.

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What Are Standard Length Golf Clubs?

As you can see in our golf club size chart above these would typically fit in the 34″ to 35.5″ range.

Why is it important to know the size of your golf clubs?

This is because if you use golf clubs that are either too tall or too short for you there is a chance that you won’t hit shots consistently and more distance.

Why is it important to choose the right golf club size?

These range from having a better connection with your shots and hitting them from the correct lie angle. Both of these benefits will contribute to your achieving a better golf handicap score.

What does it mean to use the correct size golf club?

When you use the correct golf club sizes you will be hitting your shots with the ideal length club which will help you to get a solid contact on your shots. This accurate measurement can help you to achieve consistent contact by ensuring the club face is squared properly at impact.

How does the handicap index work?

The golf handicap index works by calculating your score s from previous rounds. Therefore with better shots you are more likely to achieve better scores on the golf course.

How to determine what length golf clubs to buy?

Using your height and then your wrist to floor measurements is a great way to get an idea of what the right length of clubs will be.

Why are golf clubs so complex?

The reason that golf club sizes can be a complex topic is because it isn’t as easy as just saying that height is the only factor in which size to choose. In our complete guide we will explore what other factors are at play and what some of the main benefits are from taking the time to choose golf club sizes bespoke to yourself.

What are the problems with driving a golf club?

Direction problems: When looking at the driver length, too long can lead to inconsistent ball striking or strikes towards the heel. Heel strikes encourage left-to-right curvature i.e. Fade, cut, slice or push slice. Strike problems: Ball striking can be more difficult if your club is too long.

How long is Rickie Fowler’s driver?

Drivers. The type of performance can vary with the length of the driver. Rickie Fowler is known to have used a 43.5” driver length and the Tour average build is 44.5”. Tour players main priority is hitting fairways for days, weeks and months.

What happens if you have too short of a club?

Direction problems: Too short club length can lead to strikes towards the toe or low on the face. Toe strikes encourage right-to-left curvature i.e. Draw, hook or pull hook. Strike problems: With too short club length, the most common problem is ‘Thin’ shots (hitting higher on the ball).

How long has Barry Lane been on the European Tour?

Barry Lane maintained his position on the European Tour for 25 years, he continues to play on the Champions Tour now. He used a 31” putter for most of that time. The idea is, it gives him far more control over the clubhead.

How does length help in golf?

Getting the right length can prolong your golfing career and help you hit the ball longer by improving your ball striking. Better ball striking also means more consistent carry distances.

Why do golf clubs need to be changed?

The clubs can be made or changed to allow you to swing freely. Good posture can give you the best chance of making proper contact with the ball.

What is the standard driver length?

Standard driver length at retail varies from 45” to 46”. It is aimed at helping amateurs gain speed compared to what’s used on Tour. Longer and lighter shafts.

What golf clubs do you need if you are shorter than the beginning height?

If you are shorter than the beginning height on the club measurement guide, then you will need to purchase "Ladies Junior" or "Petite" golf clubs.

How to measure your height?

Step 1. Measure your height standing in socks. For the most accurate measurements, don’t try to measure yourself. Ask a second person to assist you. Step 2. Stand with your hands hanging loosely by your side. Have your assistant measure the distance from where your wrist hinges to the ground, going straight down.

What is the average size of a golf club for women?

As a result, the standard size of golf club for women is shorter in length and is designed for women that are between 65-inches (5’5") and 69-inches (5’9") tall. For women who are shorter than 5’5", golf manufacturers produce a "petite" golf club that is both shorter and lighter than the standard length club.

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