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what size are golf cart tires

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What is the size of a golf cart tire?

The first number (such as 210) is the width of the tire in millimeters. A measurement of 210 millimeters is 8.4 inches.The number after the slash mark (such as 50) is the tire’s sidewall measurement. …The last number (such as 10) is the tire’s wheel size,which you can use to make sure the tire will fit your golf cart. …

What sizes do golf cart tires come in?

what sizes do golf cart tires come in? In general, there are four different sizes of golf cart tires that you would find for your golf cart. They are- 8 inches tire. 10 inches tire. 12 inches. 14 inches. In case you need a larger tire than 14 inches, then you need to do some kind of modifications.

What size tires for Yamaha golf cart?

Stock Yamaha DRIVE / G29 golf carts that have not been lifted can fit up to 20” tires (as long as there is no added weight in rear from rear seat kit/cargo box/etc.) Stock Yamaha G19-G22 golf carts that have not been lifted are able to fit at max 18.5” tires. Check out our large golf cart tire supply of Yamaha Tires for reference.

How much does a golf cart tire cost?

Yamaha DRIVE/DRIVE2 Electric Golf Cart Street Tire/Wheel 3 Lift Kit Bundle. SKU: (4) TIR-380 +(4) TIR-RX160 +LIFT-305. $1,085.95. Add to Cart. Club Car Precedent Golf Cart All Terrain Tire/Wheel 6 Lift Kit Bundle. SKU: (4) TIR-351 +(4) TIR-402 +LIFT-503. $1,095.95.

What to consider before buying a golf cart tire?

The size can depend on many different factors, including: The make and model of your cart. Whether or not you installed a lift kit. If wheel offset needs to be considered. If the tire is high or low profile.

What makes a difference in golf cart tire size?

Another factor that will make a difference in your golf cart tire size is whether your cart is lifted or not. Lift kits are used to create more distance between the bottom of your cart and the ground. This is useful for all-terrain situations. If you have a lifted cart, this will also affect your golf cart tire size.

How wide are golf cart tires?

Many stock golf cart tires clock in at 18 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide when full of air. This type of tire can be fitted on an 8-inch round hub. The two most common stock tire sizes are 8 inches wide and 7 inches wide. There are even options to customize your tires depending on your needs or make/model.

How many profiles are there in golf cart tires?

There are two profiles ( referring to the kind of tire tread) that golf cart tires are available in:

What information do you need to know about golf cart tires?

Information you will generally need includes the following: The make of your golf cart. The model of your golf cart. The year your golf cart was manufactured. All of this can help you find out which tire is best suited to your golf cart. You can also keep an old tire to use as a reference.

What is an off road golf cart tire?

Off-Road: These golf cart tires (otherwise known as all-terrain) are thicker and intended to handle rough terrain with ease. If you don’t use your cart a lot of paved and flat/smooth surfaces, these tires might be the best option.

What does 50 mean on a tire?

50 – This number is a ratio that indicates how thick the sidewall of the tire is compared to the width (first number). Generally, the larger this number is the taller the tire

How Do You Use Your Golf Cart?

The first thing to consider in choosing the right golf cart tire is to identify your primary golf cart use. Is most of your golf cart driving is on the streets, trails, or just on the golf course?

What is the number to call for golf cart tires?

For any queries about golf cart tires, sizes, or fitment, call at 800-401-2934 to talk to an expert atGolf Cart Garage. Published February 23, 2021 by Golf Cart Garage. #Tires & Wheels.

What size golf cart tire is 205?

Golf cart tire sizes include many different numbers, which might be hard to understand at first. For example, a standard 18×8" golf cart tire is frequently represented as a 205/50-10 tire. Here, 205 indicates the tire’s width in millimeters, …

What is the best tire for a golf cart?

Hybrid Tire. The hybrid tires offer the most versatility, so it is the preferable tire for people who use their golf cart on both the street and on some non-paved trails. It has a more aggressive tread than the street tire, but not quite as aggressive as the off-road.

What is an off road tire?

Off-road tires have thicker and deeper tread, which provides extra grip to push through mud, sand, and rocky ways. Off-road tires are usually recommended for utility applications like lawn and garden work.

What type of tires are used for golf carts?

Turf or street tires are the most common type of tire tread. They are typically the standard factory tires that will come by default with a new golf cart. These tires are designed to run on both paved roads and soft grass. Turf tires are the best option if you are just doing light driving smoothly on streets and turfed golf courses.

Why are golf cart tires important?

Golf carts are also the first choice for many adventure enthusiasts. Because golf carts are versatile, golf cart tires play an essential role in your ride’s safety and comfort.

Golf Cart Tires and Their Sizing

Golf cart tires on our site come in diameters (height from ground to top of tire) ranging from 18" tall to 23" tall for both aluminum and steel golf cart wheels sized 8" through 14".

Golf Cart Tire Fitment

Here is a SUPER simple (and short) article on how to know if the golf cart tires, or Golf Cart Wheels and Tires you are considering for your cart will fit or not. Click here: How to read golf cart tire sizes, it’s easy!

Golf Cart Tire Tread Types

In addition to the best golf cart tire selection available ANYWHERE, we also carry thousands of Golf Cart Accessories for all EZ-GO, Club Car and Yamaha Golf Carts!

How much pressure should a golf cart tire be?

The sidewall of the tire tells the tale. On the sidewall of the golf cart tire, you will find the tire pressure (or PSI) that is recommended for your particular tire. Generally, it’s between 15-25 PSI.

What is a dot tire?

A DOT golf cart tire is a tire that is approved by the Department of Transportation for legal use on highways. DOT approved golf cart tires have street tread patterns. These golf cart tires come in several different sizes to fit 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14” golf cart wheels.

How big of a tire can you put on an EZGO golf cart?

Stock EZGO golf carts that have not been lifted are able to fit up to a 20.5” tire with ease (no rubbing), but only if there is no added weight on the back of the golf cart such as a cargo box, rear flip seat kit, etc. Adding new heavy duty leaf springs on the rear of your golf cart is highly recommend if you plan on putting that large of a tire on your golf cart. Click here for Rear Leaf Spring Kits. Basically, anything over 18.5” needs some new heavy duty leaf springs to prevent problems with friction/rubbing. Here’s a link to EZGO Tires for reference.

What size tires can a golf cart fit?

Lifted golf carts can fit ANY 8” tire, low profile OR high profile. In addition, lifted golf carts can fit any high profile tire measuring at 10”, 12” or 14”. Lifted carts will be able to take 20", 22", 23" and in some cases 24" all terrain tires.

What is an all terrain golf cart tire?

An all terrain golf cart tire is just another term for a high profile tire or off road tire. See above for more on high profile tires and click here for some big All Terrain Tires.

What is a high profile tire?

High profile tires, also known as all terrain tires, are generally thicker and made to fit any golf cart that IS lifted (aga in, no lift kit installed). A high profile tire can be bought in several different sizes as well (8”, 10”, 12” & 14”). All Club Car EZGO and Yamaha golf carts will accept an 8” high-profile golf cart tire without a lift kit.

Why rotate golf cart tires?

Rotate Tires Regularly – Uneven weight differences between the front and rear of the golf cart can cause wear and tear. Keeping your tires rotated periodically keeps them as even as can be, thus cutting down on the wear and tear. This is best for golf cart tires.