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what the best golf gps app for android

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What are the best free Golf GPS apps?

Importance Of Golf Rangefinder AppGolfshot- Overall best Paid app. This is the latest and newest app for golf. …Hole19- Best free app. It is another good golf rangefinder app with all excellent features. …Swings By Swing – Best for swing analysis. …Sling TV- Best TV app. …The Grint- Best Golf GPS Rangefinder App for handicap. …Fun Golf GPS- A best simple app. …Shot Tracer- Best budget GPS app. …More items…

What is the best golf app for Android?

The best golf apps for Android and iOS18Birdies: Golf GPS App. You can use this app as a GPS rangefinder,digital scorecard,and stat tracker. …Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer. This app is designed to help you to record your strokes and improve your golf swing. …Golf GPS SwingU. …Hole19. …mScorecard. …GolfNow: Tee Time Deals. …Golf Live 24. …

How to enable fake GPS on Android?

Virtual LocationGo to Play Store and search for a spoofing app on the search bar.From the list,you can download any free or paid spoofing apps on your device. Some other free apps are Fake GPS and GPS Emulator.Tap on the icon of the app of your choice and install it on the mobile Phone.More items…

What is the best GPS phone tracking app?

Top 10 Best GPS Phone TrackersGlympse GPS Phone Tracker. WHY WE LIKE IT: Glympse is a user-friendly location sharing app that makes it easy to share your location and keep track of your family,…Cocospy GPS Phone Tracker. WHY WE LIKE IT: Cocospy provides nearly the same info on a device as if you were just looking at the device itself.Life360 GPS Phone Tracker. …More items…

Our Top Picks For Golf GPS Apps For Android

Based on our own testing, research, and experience, here are our top selections:

Buying Guide

There are many golf GPS apps available for Android, and because they all essentially do the same thing, knowing which one to choose isn’t always easy. This guide will provide you with the education you need in that regard.


Merely estimating the distance to the green, hazards and other locations on the golf course will only get you so far.

Best Golf GPS Apps for Android Devices

After doing extensive research and testing many apps, we’ve boiled down our top 5 picks. Here’s what we think!

Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad – Best Free Rangefinder and Tracking

Face it; golf can be an expensive sport considering all of the clubs, shoes, gloves, balls, and other equipment you need to buy. Not to mention, some of you probably have golf coaches and caddies. Luckily, Golf Pad is a free app with tons of excellent features. Currently, it has 18,000 five-star reviews and over 2 million downloads.

Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard – Best Value

The Hole19 is an all-in-one golf app designed to lower your handicap and make your life easier on the golf course. It doesn’t have quite the premium features like 18Birdies. However, the premium is under $5 a month. With the premium, you get access to a variety of features to provide more insight into your game.

Golf GPS 18Birdies Scorecard & Yardage Rangefinder – Best for Seasoned Veterans

The 18 Birdies Golf App is one of the most popular apps in the Google Play store. Currently, it has 7,370 reviews nearing close to 5 stars on average. We found this app to be incredibly versatile since it offers both free and premium features. With the premium features, you get lots of in-depth insight to improve your game.

GolfNow: Tee Time Deals at Golf Courses – Tee Time App

Much like you need a reservation for a restaurant or hotel, tee time is a reservation for a golf course. Golf courses can be quite popular, especially during the spring and summer months.

Best Golf GPS App for Android – Final Thoughts

Personally, we believe GolfShot is the best golf app for all levels of golfers. It has all the basic features you need, such as a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, shot tracker, 3D flyover map, club recommendation, video coaching, and more.

What is the best GPS app for golf?

Hole 19 is another tasty GPS rangefinder app that comes with plenty of free features and this has even been referred to in the New York Times as a “truly high tech golf app”.

What app tells you the distance to the centre of the green on any hole you’re on?

As a standard with these free apps you get a free rangefinder that tells you the distance to the centre of the green on any hole that you’re on.

What is Tag Heuer app?

TAG Heuer Golf is a quality 3D golf app that is your 3D view of all golf holes on over 43,000 golf courses worldwide. While the App can be a bit battery intensive, it will offer a quality experience on your Android watch or phone. You get free distances to greens and hazards and you can measure your shot distances.

What is handicap app?

The Golf handicap app provide an extremely easy way to keep track of your scores over time and it gives you a worldwide recognised handicap.

What modes does the scorecard have?

You get the digital scorecard with stroke play and Stableford modes.

What is the golf swing app?

The golf swing app provides hundreds of training videos but it’s main selling point is that it allows you to video your swing and send it to the pros for a personal analysis.

How many players can play on a scorecard?

You got a free scorecard for 1 to 4 players and it will track your score for the round, fairways hit, sand, penalties and putts.

What is an Arccos caddie?

The Arccos Caddie works with Arccos’ Smart Sensors and offers up an incredible amount of data to help you play your best golf. It automatically tracks your shots and gives advice like a real caddie on what club or strategy to use on holes. It also gives full GPS distances that take into account wind speed, direction and elevation.

What is the benefit of ArcCos app?

Another huge benefit of the Arccos app is that, once your round is over, an in-depth insight into performance through the strokes-gained algorithm is available. For those looking to improve, this is invaluable and has allowed us to practise more efficiently in the areas where we actually lose shots.

How many members does Golfshot have?

Golfshot has over 4 million members and provides thorough yardages on more than 45,000 courses around the world. It also has features like shot tracking, detailed statistics, entire course flyover previews and club recommendations.

What is AR golfshot?

The best feature, however, comes in the form of Golfshot’s AR (Augmented Reality). This turns your phone camera into a detailed 360-degree course map, enabling users to identify targets and hazards and plot their way round the course like never before.

Is SwingU a good GPS app?

This already shows it is one of the best golf GPS apps out there but there are far more benefits to enjoy.

Does SwingU work on every course?

SwingU Golf GPS. SwingU has more than 5.5 million users who rely on the app for GPS yardages and a place to enter and keep scorecards as well as statistics. It will also give you a (non official) handicap after three rounds and it is said to work on every course in the world.

How many rounds does the handicap work on golf?

It will also give you a [non-official] handicap after three rounds and it is said to work on every course in the world.

What is a rapsodo launch monitor?

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a great GPS app. It allows golfers to analyze their shot shape, review their launch angle, and understand the ball’s location. In addition, this app also tracks your averages of each club in your bag and gives professional-grade accuracy on all their swing metrics. It comes with a launch stand that connects to your smartphone to store all your data and video playbacks effortlessly. However, the manufacturer notes that this product only syncs with iOS devices and can only be used in dry weather conditions.

What is GPS golf?

Golf GPS apps provide course insights at a fraction of the price of working with a caddy. By knowing your precise location on the course, including the distance to the green and the hazards in the way, you can select the best club for the shot and better plan your strategy to the green.

What is the best app for golf?

Best Overall: Golfshot . The Golfshot app is easily one of the best golf apps out there whether you’re a casual links lover or a serious golfer. The app, which is available for Android, Apple, Apple Watch, and Android Wear, has both free and Pro features.

What is Hole19 app?

Hole19 also has a great scorecard function that looks professional and fun, more at home on a professional sports app than a free golf one. You can book times and tie your game into social media with ease as well. It’s simply fun, free, and can help your game.

What is fun golf GPS?

In contrast to the typical 2D bird’s eye cartoon or satellite view found on even the best apps, the FunGolf GPS app delivers a more detailed rendering with 3D qualities and true depth. With your Apple Watch or iPhone, you can use the app to view detailed images of the golf course you’re playing, as if you were viewing from a helicopter hovering above the fairway.

What is the grip app?

TheGrint is a fun and easy-to-use golf GPS app that makes keeping track of your handicap simple. Built into the app is a free Golf Handicap Tracker that provides you with valid handicaps for USGA-registered golf clubs. This means you can quickly find your or your friends’ handicaps and set a concrete goal for yourselves.

What is a blast analyzer?

The Blast Analyzer uses a sensor that attaches to the end of any golf club. The sensor uses GPS technology to track your golf balls and measure data so you can analyze your performance and gather insight on weaknesses.

What is the best app for golf?

Voted as the best swing and game analyzer app and a recipient of the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for 2018, 18Birdies is a top of the line GPS range finding application that uses advanced metrics to detect the location as well as the distance to the green from any part of the course. The app also keeps its users updated on updates from the golf world and even offers tips on proper golfing technique.

How many golfers can you track with a golf pad?

In addition to letting you ascertain the distance of the green from the middle or the back end of the course, Golf Pad also allows you to keep track of scores for up to four golfers.

What games does the iMovie app support?

The app also supports a number of side games like Skins, Nassau, Match Play, Stroke Play, Stableford, Greenies, Longest Drive, Birdies, and Eagles.

How strong is Golfshot?

The Golfshot community is 2 million strong, so you are joining several others who have benefited from its services. If you don’t find your favorite golf course listed on Golfshot, you can send an email to the team and have it listed soon. This is a complete app that every golfer will use, so regardless of your expertise in the game, we highly recommend users to try this out.

Can you move a flag in a golf rangefinder?

In Golf GPS Rangefinder, you can move your tee or flag position, and you can even remap the whole course if it is outdated. In addition, the rangefinder has thousands of mapped courses available to be downloaded. Download it now: here.

Does the Golf Pad work with Samsung Gear?

While most golf range finder apps work with Google’s Wear OS devices, Golf Pad also works with Samsung Gear devices as well as the Pebble smartwatches, which are currently available in multiple sizes.

Does the rangefinder work on any golf course?

We really like this free rangefinder because it works on pretty much any golf course out there. The accuracy of this app rivals many other apps on Google Play, and even dedicated rangefinder devices. There’s even a perspective that you can switch to, which will give you a birds-eye view of the hole you are playing on, and on any course in the world.

What is a golf rangefinder?

Golf GPS Rangefinder is one of the unique golf apps. It features support for over 40,000 golf courses and that’s impressive. Some other features include aerial maps, scorecards, a one-tap shot tracker, leaderboards, stats about your previous games, and even support for Android Wear and Samsung Gear smartwatches.

What is 18birds app?

18Birdies is one of the newer golf apps. It has a ton of features for golfers. They include a golf course GPS function, scorecard, stats from your prior games, leaderboards, and more. It even keeps track of friendly wagers. The free version includes all of the above features.

What is SwingU app?

SwingU is another one of the all-in-one golf apps. It boasts features for GPS, score keeping, and more. The free version of the app includes a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecards, handicap scores, tee-time booking via TeeOff, and support for Apple Watch and Android Wear.

What is Hole19 app?

Hole19 is one of the newer golf apps. It has a bunch of features, including a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, performance tracking, and more. It supports over 40,000 golf courses and even a ratings guide. The premium subscription features distance tracking, better stats, auto-change holes, and Android Wear support.

How much does Hole19 cost?

It supports over 40,000 golf courses and even a ratings guide. The premium subscription features distance tracking, better stats, auto-change holes, and Android Wear support. The monthly charge is $7.49 per month or $49.99 per year. It’s not bad for hobbyists who frequently golf. However, a subscription cost isn’t recommended for those who only golf occasionally.

What is the best TV channel for golf?

Sling TV is one of the best live TV streaming options for golf fans. Most golf (in the US, anyway) is either on NBC or the Golf Channel. Sling TV has both. Its base package generally comes with NBC unless there is some weird blackout restriction in your area.

Is golf a popular sport?

Golfing if one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master and it’s one of the few sports you can play well into your golden years. It’s a great activity to play with friends when the weather is nice. You’ll likely be taking your smartphone with you, so why not make it work for you? Here are the best golf apps, golf GPS apps, and golf range finder apps for Android!

What is the best app for golf?

18Birdies. At its core, 18Birdies is a GPS app and one of the best free options available, giving accurate distances to the green from any position on over 40,000 courses worldwide. However, the Android app offers much more than that, making it the best option for the golf course. The free version of 18Birdies also keeps score and tracks stats, …

How many frames per second can you record on V1?

The V1 Golf app offers tools and features to take analyzing these videos to the next level. Users can record HD video at up to 120 frames per second within the free version of the app, depending on their Android device. After recording, several drawing and measurement tools are available. For example, you can trace the swing plane at setup to see where your club is throughout the swing. Additionally, a limited number of swing models are available to compare your swing to in the free version.

What is V1 golf?

V1 has become the app of choice for thousands of golf instructors worldwide, giving students the ability to send their recordings directly to their coach and receive feedback all within the app. This type of instruction has grown significantly in recent years, offering a more cost-effective option to in-person lessons.

What is the unique aspect of golf?

One of the unique aspects of golf is each player’s responsibility to hold themselves accountable to the rules. While tournaments and competitive play require strict adherence, there is something to be said for following the rules even within your regular game to experience the sport as it is meant to be experienced.

Is WGT available for Android?

While not available for Android yet , WGT has also partnered with SkyTrak to provide simulation for the launch monitor’s “Play and Improve” subscription package allowing users to test their own swings in the WGT environment.

Is V1 Golf a video recording app?

While V1 Golf is designed for the game, there are other sports video recording apps with similar features.

Who is Cory Olson?

Cory Olson is an avid golfer and writer for Practical Golf, a website dedicated to being an honest resource for the everyday golfer who is looking to enjoy the game more, as well as improve. He is passionate about all parts of the game, from equipment to training, and especially the mental aspects of performing your best on the course.