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what time does golf start

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What is the next major golf tournament?

? The PGA Championship tees off in August and is typically played on the Eastern side of the USA. The tournament will be moved to May in 2019. Take your game to the next level and learn from the PGA Master Professionals at Keiser University College of Golf. If you enjoyed this golf info, here’s how you can get even more.

Where can I Watch golf live?

You’ll need to have a paid subscription to watch on Fox Sports or via a Foxtel subscription. For a cheaper alternative, you can live stream Zurich Classic of New Orleans golf online through slick streaming platform Kayo. Newbies can take advantage of a …

When does the PGA Tour end?

Sometime over the past two decades, the PGA Tour has morphed into one long, continuous season. There is no season finale and there is no true opening day in professional golf, because the two are…

How many PGA Tour events are there?

Under PGA Tour rules, a member must compete in a minimum of 15 PGA Tour events each season as a condition of their membership voting rights. It can be any 15 events co-sanctioned by the PGA Tour, including the four majors and four World Golf Championships, as well any of the FedEx Cup playoff events. So long as a player competes in 15 events.

When Do the Golf Courses Open and Close in My State?

Most states start the golf season in March or April. The exception to this rule is that some states offer all-year-round golfing. In order to submit your handicap legally and post a score, you must play within the stated months that dictate the golfing season in your state.

What Months are the Golf Season?

Below you can find information in your area for when the golf season starts and the months you can play on your favorite course. Our updated stats are based on the USGA Handicap Active and Inactive Season Schedule which you can check out for more details.

FAQs on the US Golfing Season

Q: On your table my state is currently not in the golf season, does that mean my local course is closed?
A: No not necessarily. The dates published on Windtree Golf for the months of the golf season by state are the official dates that you can submit your scores (handicap index) to your GHIN account.