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Tag: What to do for herniated L5S1 disc

can you golf with a herniated disc

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What are the best herniated disc exercises?

Sit upright in a chair and move the chin toward the chest,then back against the headrest,stretching the neck.Move the left ear toward the left shoulder,then the right ear toward the right shoulder.Repeat this pattern several times.

What to do for herniated L5-S1 disc?

How Do I Heal My Moderate Herniated Disc at L5-S1? Avoid the Common Causes. First of all, before back pain can be resolved, the source of the pain must be identified. … Bed Rest. After the source of pain has been identified, one of the steps in the healing process is to get an appropriate amount of rest. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. … Perform Healing Exercises. … Flex and Extensions. …

Should I have surgery on herniated disc?

With a lower back (lumbar) herniated disc that’s causing leg pain, it’s generally advisable that patients try 6–12 weeks of conservative (non-surgical) treatment. When conservative treatments aren’t providing significant relief after several weeks or months, surgery usually becomes an option. One surgical option is lumbar disc replacement.

What are some good basic starting discs for disc golf?

Let’s check out the three different types of discs:Driver: this is the disc you will almost always use first for your tee shot. These discs are meant mostly for speed and distance.Mid-range: this disc is used mainly for approach shots close to the basket and for tee shots when the basket isn’t too far away. …Putter: putters are meant to travel short distances as accurately as possible. …More items…

How long does it take to recover from a herniated disc?

The twisting of long drives may cause more damage. Doctors often recommend refraining from golf or other impact sports until a herniated disc is healed. A six-week hiatus may be preferable to requiring surgery, which may leave you laid up in recovery for three to four months–perhaps even longer. Writer Bio.

What happens if you have a herniated disc?

If you have a herniated disc, chances are that any activity will lead to pain and discomfort. A herniated disc occurs when a fluid-filled disc ruptures or bulges out between the vertebrae it normally cushions, placing pressure on the spine and nerve roots.

What is a short course golf?

Play a short course, something that is a par 3 or 4 without many long drives. The farther you have to drive the ball, the more twisting you will do, and the more stress you will place on a herniated disc.

What was Kimberlee’s first career?

With more than 15 years of professional writing experience, Kimberlee finds it fun to take technical mumbo-jumbo and make it fun! Her first career was in financial services and insurance.

How to help a swollen back after playing golf?

Do low-impact activities in the meantime, including ample stretching. Continue to take NSAIDs as prescribed, and use a heating pad if it helps reduce pain.

How to get rid of mid back pain?

Start with a brisk walk to warm your muscles up. Mid-Back Pain That Comes & Goes. Learn More. Continue warming up by proceeding to stretch your major muscle groups. Stretch your back while sitting, not standing. Bending to touch your toes places more stress on your back.

How to get rid of a swollen thigh after golf?

Learn More. Take anti-inflammatory medication. This will help alleviate pain and reduce swelling. Warm up by walking. Don’t cheat and say you’ll take it easy for the first few holes. Give yourself 20 minutes to prepare your body for your round of golf. Start with a brisk walk to warm your muscles up.

Why do golfers have back pain?

Golfers are known to suffer from lower back pain. However, this is not always due to anatomical issues sourced by strain-producing activity or overuse during the game , although these diagnostic causations may be accurate in some cases. Instead, a lesser considered reason for the symptoms often comes down to the personality profile demonstrated by the average golfer. Avid players are perfectionistic and self-motivated. They are self-critical and have a strong desire to succeed in all things. This is normal on the golf course. These are also the verified personality traits clinically proven to contribute to psychosomatic herniated disc pain.

What are the characteristics of an avid golfer?

Avid players are perfectionistic and self-motivated. They are self-critical and have a strong desire to succeed in all things. This is normal on the golf course. These are also the verified personality traits clinically proven to contribute to psychosomatic herniated disc pain.

Can golf cause herniated discs?

The first step is to learn the facts about herniated discs and then realize that golf, or any other athletic endeavor, may not be the actual culprit for your pain. If the misery is indeed anatomical, it should be easy to cure using appropriate herniated disc treatments.

Can a herniated disc cause pain?

Herniated discs are not usually painful or problematic. However, they do take the unfair blame for causing symptoms in many patients. While it is true that a minority of herniations can certainly be agonizing, especially when they first occur due to traumatic injury, they do not usually cause the chronic and treatment-resistant types of back, neck and sciatic nerve pain often blamed upon them.

Can disc golf cause back pain?

Herniated disc golf is a real spoiler for people who truly enjoy the game, yet are afraid of injuring themselves, or re-injuring themselves, while participating. Back pain and golf have a notorious intimate relationship, although the reasons for this are not always what they seem to be. One thing is for sure, in order to get back into the swing, literally, you have to be able to concentrate on your game without the worry caused by a disc injury in your spine. This is easier said, than done.

Is there a coincidence that golfers have been treated for TMS?

There is no coincidence that so many golfers have been successfully treated for TMS by Dr. John Sarno.


I have L4 and L5 herniated disks as well. I injured them lifting weights. As odd as it seems, golf is one of the few things I can do that actually does not hurt my back. I injured it almost 3 years ago, and never really quit playing.


I feel for you man. I’ve struggled mightily with back issues since Jan. 22, 2003. That is the day my back finally gave out after just over working it at my job. 59 separate procedures later and I’m still in pain every day. It started at L5S1 and I had everything a person can have done before doing fusion surgery.


What kind of surgery? I’ve got L3-L4, L4-L5 annular tears and herniations, and degenerative disk disease, and stenosis, and arthritis, and a couple other things; dates back to a gym injury in 2004. L1/2/3 and L5/S1 also in trouble. Tears are the worst… like a dagger. Have to let it heal.

Tax Man Golfeth

Thanks for the responses. The trouble with back issues is that symptoms and treatments vary. Some folks can go from being worse off to better off than I am with surgery, while I’m stuck in the middle. According to my ortho, my main issue is that my disks have degenerated and so my vertebrae are too close together in lumbar spine.

Smash Factors

I’m just now getting back to the game after taking an 11 month break. I have a bulging disc in my cervical spine. The pain shot down my left shoulder and arm for several months. I could not play at all. Only now am I back on the course and playing awful.

Dan Drake

I had my L4-L5 disk rupture completely at 29 years old. Sadly, I was going to a chiro who never even once hinted that I might want to go see a different type of medical professional.


I’m not completely against new approaches (says the guy that’s waiting for his next order of turmeric from amazon) and there is no doubt that there are many cases of chronic back pain that can be brought on by tension or stress…

How to sleep on your back?

6. Sleep Like You Normally Do 1 If you sleep on your back, place a rolled-up towel in the small of your bac k to help maintain the natural curvature of the spine. You may also consider placing two pillows under your lower legs. This often helps take the pressure off the low back. 2 If you’re a side-sleeper, you can also use pillows under your lower legs to help with sciatica pain from a bulging disc. If your pain is on the left, sleep on your right side, and vice-versa.

How to stop a herniated disc from slouching?

Keep your shoulders back and your spine erect. In other words, don’t slouch! Keep your feet on the floor and your thighs parallel to the floor.

How to help sciatica pain?

You may also consider placing two pillows under your lower legs. This often helps take the pressure off the low back. If you’re a side-sleeper, you can also use pillows under your lower legs to help with sciatica pain from a bulging disc . If your pain is on the left, sleep on your right side, and vice-versa. 7.

How to heal a herniated disc?

1. Too Much Bed Rest . Doctors used to recommend several days of bed rest for herniated discs, but we’ve since learned that too much bed rest should be avoided. At best, too much bed rest does nothing to help you heal. At worst, it worsens your herniated disc.

What to avoid when you have a bulging disc?

Exercises To Avoid With Bulging Disc. It’s important to stay somewhat active when you’re recovering from a bulging disc, but not all activities are equal. The general rule of thumb is to avoid any exercises that cause you pain, but that’s a painful form of trial-and-error.

What are some activities that involve bending over?

Some common activities that involve bending over are as follows: Doing Laundry. You have to bend over to grab the basket, carry the basket to the laundry room, and then bend over several more times before the laundry is done. Get a friend or family member to do this if you can.

What does "loading" the spine mean?

Most of the items on this list have to do with “loading” the spine, which means putting pressure on the discs between the vertebrae. Unfortunately, not all of them are very intuitive. Some of the things you should avoid may surprise you.

How to get rid of a herniated disc?

Instead, try aerobic exercises, such as swimming and walking. Using a stationary bike can be an excellent source of exercise while recovering from a herniated disc. Hiking, especially up hills, can also be good.

How long does it take for a herniated disc to heal?

While most herniated discs gradually start to feel better within a few weeks, many common activities may inflame and worsen the pain. Here are a few activities to avoid.

How to prevent spinal disc injury?

While exercise is still recommended, avoid high-impact activities or other movements that place too much stress on your spinal discs. Stay away from activities that cause repetitive loading on your lower back, such as running or jumping rope.

How to reduce lumbar spine?

Since sitting is often unavoidable, try these tips to reduce the load placed on your lumbar spine. Sit up straight with your shoulders rolled back towards the chair and shoulder blades down. Keep thighs about horizontal with the floor (hips should not be lower than your knees).

How to help a back that is hurting?

Commit to using good, supportive posture to help relieve pressure on your spinal discs and nerves. If your back pain does not resolve with these tips and techniques, call your doctor or health care provider.

How to avoid sciatica pain?

Watch Video: 2 Walking Tips to Avoid Sciatica Pain. Low-impact exercises are generally easy and can be done on a regular basis. If these exercises are still uncomfortable, try aquatic therapy by simply walking in a pool. The buoyancy of water helps reduce pain during joint movements.

How to help a sciatica back?

Aerobic exercise increases the flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the soft tissue in the back, which can improve healing and reduce pain. 2 You can also try strengthening exercises approved by your doctor or physical therapist. Watch Video: 2 Walking Tips to Avoid Sciatica Pain.

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What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc can be excruciating. This injury, often called a slipped or bulging disc, is the bulging or rupture of an intervertebral disc in your spine. Once it bulges or ruptures, it presses on nerves and causes pain. Typically you’ll have a slipped disc in the back, but sometimes in the neck.

How to get rid of a slipped disc?

Avoid exercises that place a lot of stress on your back until those muscles start to tone up. Check with your doctor or physical therapist for specific prolapsed disc exercises to avoid. These professionals can also provide you with exercises for slipped disc recovery. 1.

How to get your legs to be straight?

A midrange squat that lowers your bottom to just behind or above your knees is better for your legs overall, but avoid a deep squat down to the ground until your back is stronger. Be sure to keep your back straight and chest up to help prevent bending forward at the waist. 2. Straight Leg Exercises. Exercises in which the legs are straight stress …

How to reduce the need to bend forward?

Consider modifying your weightlifting technique to reduce your need to bend forward. For example, perform power cleans beginning with the weight at midthigh, as recommended in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, rather than lifting the weight from the floor.

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This amazing kale pesto is only 210 calories and anti-oxidant rich!

Can running with a slipped disc cause a herniated disc?

While this activity does not usually cause a herniated disc, running with a slipped disc in the neck or back can aggravate your symptoms — particularly while running uphill, which requires some forward bending of the spine. Advertisement.