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how to choose a golf bag

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What type of golf bag should I use?

The minimalist will prefer to use an ultralight-weight Carry or Sunday bag. The average walker will most likely employ some form of Stand bag. Golfers who use a push cart or ride in powered golf cart on the course will traditionally opt for a Cart bag. Let’s dive into each type of bag further.

What do you need to know when buying a golf stand bag?

You need a bag that can keep a lot of stuff and gears. A golf stand bag is a necessary purchase for a golfer, and you should not do this into haste. We will also be helping you a simple yet effective guide on how to choose a golf stand bag on the go. Buying a golf stand bag is a lot like a well-timed investment.

Why choose a golf cart bag?

With the sophistication of a staff bag and the functionality of a golf stand bag, cart bags are the perfect hybrid. Plus, you can easily display your pride for your favorite college team when you choose a cart bag at GlobalGolf. GlobalGolf Pro Tip: Sun Mountain cart bags have become a popular choice thanks to their stylistic designs.

How big is a golf bag?

How Big is a Golf Bag? Depending on the model and design, golf bags vary widely in size. The biggest golf bags, specifically designed for golf professionals and instructors, weigh up to 12 pounds and feature 10 or more pockets, 9-10 inch top size, and can hold a full set of golf clubs along with training aids.

What are the pockets on a golf cart?

The pockets on a cart bag are forward facing and engineered in a way where the zippers are all accessible when the bag is strapped into a cart. They often have full length club dividers for easy access and to help keep your clubs organized.

What is a golf cart bag?

Designed specifically to sit on the back of a powered golf cart or on a push cart, cart bags are full size bags that offer plenty of storage space for all your needs on the course. Weighing around 5 to 9 pounds cart bags have a larger footprint than either stand and carry bags. Golf Cart bags typically have a single strap …

What are the different types of golf bags?

Outside of staff bags, there are three types of golf bags at will fit the needs of the average golfer: Stand bags, Cart bags and Carry bags. Stand and cart bags are full size bags, meaning they typically have a rigid structure, hooks for towels and accessories, and multiple pockets for storing your gear on the course.

What type of bag do minimalists use?

The minimalist will prefer to use an ultralight-weight Carry or Sunday bag. The average walker will most likely employ some form of Stand bag. Golfers who use a push cart or ride in powered golf cart on the course will traditionally opt for a Cart bag. Let’s dive into each type of bag further.

How much does a golf bag weigh?

Stand bags are the most versatile of all golf bags and typically weigh anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds, depending on the features.

Why do backpacks have a balanced back?

A balanced bag on your back is key for comfort and reducing fatigue. Manufacturers design stand bags with ergonomic and contoured backpack-like double shoulder straps and a padded section where the bag sits on your back.

What is a lightweight stand bag?

Lightweight stand bags reduce the overall weight a player is carrying; however, the tradeoff is that they tend to have a little less storage space and are made from lighter (sometimes less durable) fabrics and materials. The most robust stand bags look almost like compact versions of tour staff bags.

What is the name of the golf bag that protects your clubs?

They have been in business since 1910 and have become one of the most respected makers of golf bags – particularly travel bags – which protect your clubs just as much as Samsonite luggage protects your belongings. Nike – Nike is a familiar brand to just about every American and most people around the world.

What is a golf bag?

The Golf Cart Bag – The golf cart bag is simply a bag that is intended to attach to your golf cart securely.

How do pockets stay secure?

How Pockets Stay Secure – The mechanism to secure pockets differs with each bag but the usual method is a zipper. Zippered pockets are usually very secure and easy to open. Pockets that you use all the time may have a magnetic strip that keeps it closed until you pull on it and some bags simply have slits to keep unimportant items in that do not need to be secured by a zipper.

What is a golf travel bag?

The true golf travel bag keeps your bags secure and safe from all of the rigors of travel, particularly airlines who treat your golf clubs like any other luggage and throw it onto luggage racks or compartments without being careful .

Why use full length dividers in golf bags?

Full length dividers are much preferred over the ones that don’t reach all the way because it is much easier to get clubs out of the bag and put them back in when the divider goes all the way down. This is especially true when you only have a few dividers such as four slot golf bags.

How many types of golf bags are there?

There are four basic types of golf bag, but in most cases, bags do double or even triple duty as more than one of these types. For example, a golf bag that you carry on your shoulder or back will often have a base or tripod so that you can set it up when you need to use it. Another example is the travel bag – many golf bags will claim …

What to consider when choosing a golf bag?

You have to choose the type of golf bag you want as well as right number of clubs that you will be carrying. Then there is additional storage and other features to consider as well.

How Big is a Golf Bag?

The biggest golf bags, specifically designed for golf professionals and instructors, weigh up to 12 pounds and feature 10 or more pockets, 9-10 inch top size, and can hold a full set of golf clubs along with training aids. On the smaller side of the spectrum, Sunday golf bags weigh less than three pounds, can usually hold 14 clubs, and feature enough pockets to hold golf balls, tees, and ball markers.

What are the different types of golf bags?

Generally speaking, there are four types of golf bags: Tour Staff Golf Bags, Cart Golf Bags, Stand Golf Bags, and Sunday Golf Bags. Having a solid understanding of each golf bag will help you understand which bag (or bags) is right for you and your golf game.

What is a Sunday Golf Bag?

Whether they’re called a Carry Golf Bag or a Sunday Golf Bag, these golf bags are the lightest and smallest golf bags available.

What is the lightest golf bag?

Typically, Sunday and Carry bags are the lightest, followed by Stand Bags, Cart Bags, and finally Staff Bags. Golf bags range in weight from 2.5 pounds up to 12 pounds, and the contents in each bag can make certain bags weigh over 40 pounds, so lighter is always better.

What is a golf bag?

As the name suggests, these golf bags are specifically designed for being attached to a golf cart. The best golf cart bags feature a cart strap loop, which allows you to securely fasten the bag into the back of the golf cart, along with ample space for golf clubs and several useful pockets.

What do staff bags do?

Staff Bags provide plenty of room for everything you could need, especially on rainy days where you need a full rain suit, an extra pair of golf shoes, etc.

What is the most important piece of equipment?

Aside from the golf clubs and golf balls you use, the most important piece of equipment you need is a high quality golf bag. While not all golf bags share the same style, having a golf bag that meets your specific needs makes it easier to enjoy your round and play better golf. Why does a golf bag make such a big difference? …

What is hybrid travel bag?

A hybrid travel bag gives you the best of both worlds. It keeps your clubs safe on the airplane and in the car as well. These bags are perfect. It gives you all kinds of facilities, and you don’t have to worry about buying a hard shell or soft shell bags. So if you want an all rounder bag, then you can buy a hybrid travel bag.

How much does a travel bag weigh?

Keep in mind that the bags which weigh more than 6 pounds are tough to carry around. So it’s better to choose a travel bag that weighs not more than 6 pounds. It provides a hassle-free carrying when traveling from place to places via airplane or car.

What is proper padding in a golf bag?

A proper padding system in a golf travel bag is the first and foremost condition. Proper padding helps to keep the golf clubs damage free by covering them with soft pads. It adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings

Can you buy a golf bag?

Buying a golf travel bag is not as tricky as you can’t just buy a random bag. You have to keep in mind many facts. Weight, budget, quality and all of them play an important rule when selecting a golf travel bag. So keeping these facts in mind will certainly help you to make it easy to choose a proper bag. Visit our pick best golf travel bags reviews ?.

What is a leather golf cart bag?

The leather cart bags come in an assortment of colors and are lighter than the more modern cart golf bags. While some cart bags are 100% leather, some use a canvas hybrid to allow for an even lighter cart golf bag. If you are looking for a functional golf bag without all the bells and whistles, consider the Titleist cart bags These cart bags …

How much does a Titleist golf bag weigh?

Titleist stand bags are extremely light and are specifically designed for walkers. With the lightest Titleist golf bag weighing in at 2.8 pounds, this stand bag is a walking golfer’s dream. Even though the carbon material makes the golf bag lighter than most, Titleist has not sacrificed any important features.

Why are junior golf bags important?

Junior golf bags are an important aspect to any little golfer’s game. The pride and excitement junior golfers feel when they carry their own clubs to the range can’t be topped. That’s why it’s important to find a bag that fits your junior golfer well.

How much does a golf cart bag weigh?

If you are looking for a functional golf bag without all the bells and whistles, consider the Titleist cart bags These cart bags typically weigh in at a light 6.5 pounds, even with 11 pockets. The golf bag features a 15-way top with to protect your clubs and reduce club crowding.

What is a golf cover?

Rather, these golf bag covers are designed to enclose and protect your entire bag and golf clubs while traveling.

What is a Sunday bag?

Carry bags, also known as Sunday bags, are designed for golfers who want to walk the golf course but don’t necessarily feel the need for a stand bag’s legs. These golf bags are also growing in popularity among golfers who want to carry fewer than the allotted 14 clubs.

What is a club glove bag?

Club Glove travel bags are built with materials that last five-times longer than polyester, making this soft travel bag worth the investment. Soft travel golf bags usually come with in-line skate wheels and bearings for smooth and quiet wheeling through airports and hotel parking lots alike.


Buying a golf stand bag is a lot like a well-timed investment. If things go well, you will likely to find that stability or durability you wanted. You do not want to spend so much money on something you need to change now and then. Look for lightweight fabric which is also durable.


It is more likely that you will have to keep very expensive golf gears in the bag. Having a waterproof bag will give you the freedom of carrying it everywhere even in the rain, and you do not have to worry about water damaging those stuff.

Golf Stand bag pockets

Pockets are the main catalyst for keeping things well organized. In most bags, there are different pockets for different specific reasons. A lot of pockets are not necessary if you have enough space inside the pockets. There are also different pocket types.

The number of dividers

The divider is one of the biggest parts of a golf stand bag. The number of the slot in a bag determines how many clubs can be placed there. If there are at least fifteen slots in your golf stand bag, then you can put your clubs faster. The clubs will also have their different slots. The different slot is important.

Golf bag divider length

You need to consider the length of the divider in your golf stand bag as well. Full-length bags are most preferable to people. Some bags cannot keep the clubs all the way. Bag with full length can give you a better experience while you are pulling the clubs or putting them down.

Straps and handles

A golf stand bag should have at least two handles in it. Handles make it easier to carry the bag. If not two, you need to have at least one. The bags should be soft because it makes the bag durable. On some models, you will see nylon or leather straps. Some bags have rubber grip piece as well.

how to arrange golf clubs in a trolley bag

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How to arrange golf clubs in a bag?

Arrange your clubs from left to right in descending order. Continue adding your clubs into the bag, working your way from top to bottom. Once you’ve placed your drivers and woods in the bag, begin placing your 4, 5, and 6 irons into the next few slots. Use the next three slots for your 7, 8, and 9 irons.

How do I set up my golf cart bag?

Some cart bags are set up with 15 individual sections for 14 clubs and a ball retriever. If this is your bag’s design, start at the back with the longest club (your driver or 3-wood) and place the rest of your clubs in the remaining slots in descending order, using the left and right halves of the bag for the odd- and even-numbered clubs.

What type of golf bag should I use?

Using a cart bag will make it easy to organize your clubs as most of these bags have a 14 way divider top. Golfers that have this type of bag are going to be riding in a cart most if not all of the time.

How to hang a golf club on a golf cart?

If you’re planning to hang it on a golf cart, arrange the clubs from shortest-to-tallest for easier access. Place your driver or tallest wood in the top left corner for easy access. If you don’t this iron on hand, place your tallest wood or 2 iron there instead.

How to arrange golf clubs in your bag?

Have your own unique way of arranging your golf clubs in your bag. Some people prefer to arrange their clubs from left to right or the other way round. Choose which direction or order you like best. Make sure that no two clubs go in the same slot. Also, work your way down instead of putting different clubs anywhere.

How to keep putter from grinding?

It’s advisable to keep the headcover on your putter whenever you are not using it. Place your putter in a side compartment or inside the shortest section of the bag. This will keep it protected from grinding or getting knocked by the other clubs.

Why are golf clubs labeled?

Some are even labeled to make it easier to understand which clubs go where in a golf bag. However, when yours is not labeled,

What goes in the zippered pocket on a golf bag?

The golf balls belong in the larger zippered pocket while the smaller sized zippered pockets are reserved for items such as green repair tools, ball markers, gloves, and spike wrench among other things. The rain jacket, golf hat, an extra pair of pants or shoes go on the longer pocket on your golf bag.

How to protect shorter golf clubs from bumping into longer golf clubs?

You also protect the shorter clubs from bumping into the longer ones by reserving the back sections for the longer clubs and the front section for the shorter ones.

What is in a golf bag?

Inside a standard golf bag, you will find 14 clubs, golf balls, an umbrella, gloves, an extra t-shirt, a cap, water, and maybe some snacks. Other accessories include keys, torch, phone, and so on. Most golf bags are designed with different sized compartments to accommodate all the essentials that you may want to bring along to practice.

What is more frustrating than fumbling through each section of the golf club compartment?

Nothing is more frustrating than fumbling through each section of the golf club compartment frantically searching for a golf club that you want to use.

How Many Clubs Can You Have In Your Golf Bag?

Now that you have identified the type of bag you have (or are purchasing) you may be wondering, “How many clubs am I allowed to carry per round”?

How many slots are in a 14 way divider?

14 Way Divider: 14 individual slots – this type of set up is more common cart bags, however, this type of divider is offered in premium stand bags.

Where to put driver in cart bag?

Most players with a cart bag put their woods and drivers in the back of the bag, irons, hybrids and driving irons in the mid sections and your putter in the front.

Where to put irons in middle slots?

Another way to set up these middle slots would be to put all of your irons in the middle slots, hybrids and woods in the top slot (with your driver). This is good for a 4-way divider bag. In the bottom slot you will want to put your short irons and remaining wedges.

Why do you put clubs in your bag?

Organizing your clubs in your bag can really help benefit how the weight is dispersed and can help with fatigue later on in the round. When you are walking a round (or using a push cart ), your bag is going to be put at an angle. Think about how your bag is sitting when you have it on the ground with it’s legs propped out.

Where to put alignment sticks in a golf round?

It is also common to put your alignment sticks in the top and wrap a towel or two around those . If you are using a 6 way divider, you may also want to put your three wood up here.

Should you organize your golf bag?

You may not drop any shots by organizing your bag – but you also won’t gain any. You may think this could be a waste of time and you are entitled to that opinion. I will say that I have personally never watched a professional golfer (or a successful amateur) that didn’t have their bag organized in some way. You don’t have to follow our suggestion to a tee – however, we do recommend that you spend some time thinking about organizing your bag in some form. If nothing else, maybe move your putter to the top of your bag to avoid any clatter. Read more at bestgolfaccessories.net.

How to keep track of golf equipment?

Before you embark on your next golfing trip, try rearranging your irons and other equipment so the tallest items are in the back of the bag and the shortest items are in the front. With an organized bag, you’ll be able to spend less time searching through your bag and more time enjoying a fun round of golf!

Where to store putter in golf bag?

Store your woods, drivers, and putter in the back portion of the bag. Put your longest, most powerful equipment together so you can access it easily at the beginning of the game. Since these are the longest clubs and drivers, keep them behind the medium and small-sized irons to make them easier to grab. Since your putter is the chunkiest piece of equipment, arrange it in the back of your bag so it won’t bang and damage your other equipment.

How to identify golf clubs?

Once you’ve gathered these clubs, find your wedges and putters, which you can use for angled or short-range shots. Place all of these items into the same pile for optimal organization. You can identify these clubs by their shorter handles and chunkier, loftier club heads.

How to insert golf clubs into a bag?

Always insert your clubs into the bag with the handle-end facing down.

How to get rid of grass in golf bag?

1. Remove all of the clubs from your bag. Place all of your equipment on the floor, taking out 1 club at a time. Don’t dump out our clubs; instead, arrange them in a single area. Once you’ve emptied the bag, shake it out in an outdoor area to get rid of any grass or dirt.

Where to putter and ball retriever in golf bag?

Set your putter and ball retriever in the bottom row of the bag. Place the chunkiest piece of equipment beneath the other clubs, irons, and drivers. While putters are generally stored near the drivers, you don’t have to worry about them hitting your other clubs when the putter is in its own slot. Additionally, keep the ball retriever near the bottom of the bag for quick and easy access.

How many golf clubs can you bring to the green?

You can bring no more than 14 golf clubs with you onto the green, so choose your equipment wisely! If you prefer to travel light, consider packing fewer clubs for your golf trip.

How many clubs can you put in a golf bag?

Generally, golfers will arrange golf clubs in their bags that fits their own needs. The way I see it, if you can grab the club that you want within one or two seconds, that’s perfect. You are allowed fourteen clubs in the bag, none of the clubs are the exact same length.

Where do wedges go in a golf bag?

Your wedges can go next to the putter, at least that’s how I do it. My golf bag is set up so the putter is in the middle and in the front of my bag. This is pretty common in all golf bags but you may find some that you can put the putter anywhere in the bag too. I put one wedge on the left of my putter and the other wedge on the right side …

Why did the sleeves help me keep my clubs in order?

This was because they printed the number on top of the sleeve which made it easy for me to see.

Where do I put my wedges on my golf putter?

I put one wedge on the left of my putter and the other wedge on the right side of my putter. This makes it simple for me to remember and I always know where they are.

Can you put a golf cart bag on a walk behind cart?

When you put your cart bag on a walk behind cart, having the clubs at the front of the bag wouldn’t make it any easier for you to grab your clubs. When you install your cart bag on the driving golf cart, this would make it very difficult for you to grab your clubs.

Which way to put your longest irons?

From right to left or left to right, put your longest irons in.

Can you put a club in a stand bag?

But, you can apply that to a stand bag as well. It’s almost a rule of thumb to not place a club in your bag that will block other clubs from your view. Arranging your clubs from longest to shortest, from back to front also coincidentally keeps them in order numerically as well.

What happens if your woods are at the bottom of the golf bag?

If your woods are at the bottom of the bag, not only do the shafts receive less protection from the bag (as they’re sticking out further) but they also receive the full brunt of iron weight above them.

Why is it important to have a golf bag?

In fact, for many, it’s the crucible of their full golfing lives. But, it’s important for the well-organized golf bag to remember its heritage. It began life merely as a contrivance to assist beleaguered …

What to carry in golf bag?

Essentials to carry (again separately if possible) are replacements – Particularly a battery for your range finder and cleats for your shoes (if you have them). – A key to organize your golf bag.

How to organize golf bag?

To organize your golf bag, if taking consumable solids with you – try to make sure they’re at the top of the pile (ideally in an insulated pocket). That will also help if the temperature goes up – preventing your Mars bar turning into a hot Mars milk. Most bags now have a water bottle holder but, if you don’t – make sure you screw …

How many holes does it take to play golf?

Playing good golf requires a clear and uncluttered mind – Everything needs to be in the right place mentally if you’re to keep it together for 18 holes.

When is Golf Monthly 2020?

October 22, 2020 1:12 pm. Golf Monthly gives the definitive guide on how best to organize a golf bag – Managing equipment effectively can help keep your mind on the game. How To Organize A Golf Bag. This might appear to be the ultimate in teaching your golfing grandmother to suck eggs, but how many people do you know with a golf bag …

What are the two things that live well together?

Tees, markers and pitch forks live well together as do writing implements: pencils and marker pens.

How many clubs can you put in a golf bag?

In the front section, store the wedges and putter (unless the bag has a separate sleeve for the putter). The rules allow a maximum of 14 clubs, so you won’t have all the available clubs in your bag and may need to adjust this advice accordingly.

Where to store woods and long irons?

Store your woods and long irons (1 to 3) and ball retriever (if you carry one) in the back compartment, your middle irons (4 to 6) in the left-center section and your short irons (7 to 9) in the right-center section. In the front section, store the wedges and putter ( unless the bag has a separate sleeve for the putter ).

How to make a golf cart bag?

Step 1. Organize the clubs by type and number. Most cart bags come divided into four sections: single at back, double in center and single at front. Place the tallest clubs at the back and the shortest at the front so that the club heads waterfall toward you, making it is easy to see all club heads as you face your bag.

What to store in less accessible pockets?

Use the less-accessible pockets to store occasional use items (rules book, spare golf gloves, sunglasses, suntan lotion, insect repellent, snacks, mints, cough drops). Use the least accessible pockets for the least used items (bag top cover, rain parka, first-aid kit, car keys, valuables).

Why should you organize your golf bag?

Because pace of play is so important, you should organize your golf club bag to facilitate quick retrieval and return of all clubs and accessories that you use on the course. There are two types of golf club bags: carry (you carry yourself when walking) and cart (carried by the golf cart when you ride). These steps describe organization of …

Where to putter in golf bag?

Place your putter in the front-most section (unless a separate sleeve is provided) and your ball retriever (if you carry one) in the center section.

Where to put umbrella in bag?

Place your umbrella (if you carry one) in the sleeve normally provided on the side of the bag for this. The sleeve is open at top and bottom (for drainage) with a loop at the bottom to receive the umbrella tip and secure it in place.

How to arrange golf clubs in a golf bag?

Here are a few important points that can help you in arranging the clubs in golf bags. The first thing that you need to do is identify the type of golf bag you have. A few has two partitions while others have three, four, five or more. If you understand you golf bag, it would be much easier for you to arrange the same.

What is a golf bag?

A golf bag is very much a necessity for anyone interested in playing golf. They are designed in such a manner that you can carry almost everything you would ever need to play the 18 holes.

Where are the tee pockets on golf bags?

Most golf bags have tee pockets and ball pockets on the front side. Place the tees and balls accordingly. This is to ensure easy access at the time of play. There is also an additional pocket on the right side of the golf bad that sticks out. You can use this to carry clothing for particular weather type.

Which way should clubs be arranged?

Always arrange clubs from left to right.

Can you putter in a bag?

If there is a separate place for putter in your bag, there is not a problem. However, if it is not there, you can place the same in any row. Since it is smaller in length, ensure to place it on the right side of the bag.