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Tag: What year did Ben Hogan start making Irons

who owns hogan golf

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Who owns Ben Hogan Golf Company?

AMF owned the Ben Hogan Golf Company from 1960 to 1984, when Minstar acquired AMF. Four years later, Minstar sold AMF to Cosmo World, owned by Japanese businessman Minoru Isutani. A series of complex business deals throughout the 1990s and 2000s ensued.

How did Ben Hogan become famous?

Ben Hogan was born August 13, 1912, in Stephenville, Texas. He won 63 PGA tournaments and nine major championships during his professional career. Known as a golf perfectionist, Ben started a golf equipment company with the goal of making the highest-quality golf equipment. After over 50 years of business, his company is now run by Callaway Golf.

What year did Ben Hogan start making Irons?

History The Ben Hogan Company began operations in 1953, when Ben partnered with Marvin Leonard and Pollard Simon. The Ben Hogan Company has always been known for its quality irons. In 1957, the company came out with the speed slot design in drivers to make the club more aerodynamically efficient.

Are Ben Hogan Irons still made by Callaway?

In 2003 Callaway purchased Ben Hogan Golf Equipment and began selling Hogan’s line of products under the Callaway name. Callaway still sells Apex irons, which were originally created by Hogan in 1972 and were among the most popular irons on Tour in the 1970s. “It’s a little strange.

What is Ben Hogan’s golf equipment?

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment currently produces a full line of irons, woods, wedges, putters, golf bags and accessories. The forged irons and wedges that retain the classic design reminiscent of decades past are still a favorite among modern golfers.

What is Ben Hogan’s best selling iron?

The Ben Hogan Company has always been known for its quality irons. The Hogan Apex irons were created in 1972 and became the most-played irons by PGA Tour players for the next few years. In 1989, the company introduced the Edge irons, which became the company’s best-selling iron. With a specific design for improving mis-hits, the Edge irons were the first Hogan irons to be considered "game improvement" irons.

How many majors did Hogan win?

Hogan was one of the greatest golfers in history, with nine major championships and 64 PGA Tour wins to his credit. No golfer racks up that many wins without an incredible swing, and Hogan’s was one for the ages.

When did Ben Hogan start his company?

The Ben Hogan Company began operations in 1953, when Ben partnered with Marvin Leonard and Pollard Simon. Hogan’s vision for his company was to provide the same quality equipment to amateurs that professionals used. In 1954, the Ben Hogan Company released its first set of irons, and the next year Jack Fleck won the U.S. Open playing Ben Hogan irons.

Who is the sponsor of the Ben Hogan Golf Tour?

The Ben Hogan Company was the initial sponsor of the Ben Hogan Golf Tour, which later became the Nationwide Tour. The tour was started in 1990 and became the training ground for future PGA professionals. PGA stars Tom Lehman, John Daly and Jeff Maggert all earned their way onto the PGA Tour by way of the Ben Hogan Tour.

Who bought Ben Hogan golf clubs?

The company changed hands again in 2004, when it was purchased by the Callaway Golf Company. Ben Hogan golf clubs can now be bought through Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and select retailers.

When did Hogan die?

During this time, Hogan himself passed away in 1998. His worldwide appeal and the fact that many of his philosophies are still present in Hogan equipment innovations, help the company’s success to this day.

When did Hogan come back?

After bouncing around over the years to several owners, including Callaway, the Hogan brand made a comeback in 2015 under Terry Koehler, who was backed by Corbett Capital, and introduced a set of forged irons at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

Is Ben Hogan still in business?

Technically, Ben Hogan Golf is still in business, and is trying to develop a sustainable business plan while raising new capital. Its clubs continue to be sold throughout the country. However, you shouldn’t expect custom orders to be fulfilled.

Who is the CEO of Ben Hogan Golf?

GOLF.com spoke at the show with Scott White , president and CEO of Ben Hogan Golf. At the time, Mr. White revealed the company had “hit the pause button” and was trying to raise capital.