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Tag: What you must know to play better golf

how to play great golf

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Start out by hitting one of your wedges or short irons,warming up your golfmuscles with half-swings. Then increase the length and speed of your swings,and move on to your middle irons. Work your way up to the driver,and after you hit some balls with it,go back to a short iron or wedge.

What you must know to play better golf?

TopGolf 101: 10 Ways to PlayTopGolf. This is the signature game where players earn points by hitting into the targets on the range. …Quick 9. If you’re a golfer,you know that sneaking out of the office to play a “quick nine” is always fun. …TopChip. …TopPressure. …TopBreak. …TopScore. …TopScramble. …TopDrive. …TopShot. …Virtual Games. …

How to play better golf under pressure?

Maintain an Even PaceStick to Your Routine. An established pre-shot routine is one of your best defenses against the impact of nerves. …Make a Plan for Each Shot. You never want to hit a shot quickly just to ‘get it over with.’ Make it a point to plan out each shot …Take a Deep Breath. This simple step can help hold you back from rushing. …

Do you know how to get better at golf?

You should set short and long-term goals when attempting to improve your golf game. Make sure you get fitted. Take a swing at the appropriate speed. Become Swing’s next ally. Let’s focus on becoming healthier. Put together a routine. Every time you take a shot, maintain your pose. Take part in more practice rounds.

How do you play golf the basic rules?

Rules: During play of a holeYou must play the ball as it lies. You’re not allowed to kick it or move it to a better spot and neither is your long-toed caddie! …You can’t make the lie better so be sure not to press your club down very hard behind the ball to try flatten the ground. …No breaking or bending branches to allow you to swing easier at the ball.

How to make water work harder?

As my friend-and-colleague Sean Zak, who’s doing some stellar work from the site of the Olympics, notes, a clever way of making whatever water you drink work harder for you is to add supplements, like electrolytes and salt. Those small additives will allow your body to retain the fluids more effectively.

How to cool down when it’s hot?

The best way of doing this is to place an ice pack on the areas of your body where the blood vessels are closer to your skin, like the back of your neck, or your wrists. Cooling your body in the right spots will help bring down your body temperature in short order.

Is it easy to play golf in the heat?

Playing golf in the heat isn’t easy.

Who is Luke Kerr-Dineen?

Luke Kerr-Dineen is the Game Improvement Editor at GOLF Magazine and GOLF .com. In his role he oversees all the brand’s service journalism spanning instruction, equipment, health and fitness, across all of GOLF’s multimedia platforms.

Why is the takeaway important in a backswing?

Once you’ve established the 4 fundamentals for a good setup, the takeaway, or the first couple feet of the start of the backswing are important because it sets up the remainder of the backswing and then the downswing.

What does a golf swing do?

As opposed to other sports where you face directly down your target line (imagine throwing a baseball), the golf swing makes you stand parallel to your target line.

Why put a golf ball on a tee box?

Placing a ball on a tee, as opposed to just placing it directly on the ground, allows the ball to be elevated and makes it easier for making solid contact.

What is the biggest mistake a beginner makes?

One of the biggest mistakes beginner golfers make, is not lining up to your target properly. Ideally, you should be lined up parallel or even slightly left (for right handed golfers) of your target line.

Why is it so hard to change your swing?

Like any athletic movement, building muscle memory allows you to swing with very few thoughts. When you have bad habits and flawed muscle memory, changing your swing is much more difficult.

What are the 4 fundamentals of golf swing?

This is an acronym I came across to remember the 4 golf swing fundamentals; grip, aim, stance, and posture.

How far apart should your feet be when hitting irons?

Your feet should be roughly shoulder width apart for hitting irons and just slightly wider than shoulder width for hitting woods. Finally, your legs shouldn’t be locked or shouldn’t be bent so much like you’re doing a squat. You should have just enough knee flex to be able to move athletically in either direction.

What do we consider “windy” in golf?

To me, a windy day on the course is one that is going make me have to think about my shots more because of a breeze. By this I mean, if I have to take extra or less club, if I have to aim differently or spin the ball differently because of a breeze, then it is a windy day. In real terms, that means something of around 10mph or more, which is most days here in Scotland

How fast does wind affect putting?

On fast greens, a wind speed of even 10mph can affect your ball on the putting surface. You should also change your set-up on windy days to maximise your performance. Widening your stance is a highly recommended adjustment as this gives you a more stable base and will prevent you from being moved by the wind.

Why are links greens slower?

It absolutely can, this is why links courses tend to have slower greens as if they were too fast the wind would wreak havoc on putting. A mild breeze won’t do too much to your putts but when it gets up, you really have to factor it in to your line and pace. On fast greens, a wind speed of even 10mph can affect your ball on the putting surface.

What does it mean to keep the ball low?

Keeping the ball low means taking as much spin off of the ball as possible and that can only be achieved with a nice slow, smooth swing. Many golfers try to hit it harder in the wind, that’s the worst mistake you can make, in the breeze, swing with ease. 3. Tee the Ball Lower.

What does gear effect mean?

This seems like logic, but have you heard of “ gear effect ”? This means that a ball teed low will tend to have more spin imparted on it and it will struggle far more into the wind as wind amplifies spin. This means that you could actually do well by teeing it up into the wind, it’s a strange idea but give it a shot.

Why is a solid strike important?

A solid strike will penetrate the far more effectively and help keep big mistakes from affecting your score.

How to get better at golf in wind?

This helps reduce the backspin on the ball and will help it fly into the breeze. By taking more club and swinging slowly , you will see much better results.

What is the best wood for a fairway club?

A great choice for a reliable fairway club might be your most lofted fairway wood, like a 7-wood. A 7-wood would still travel a reasonable distance and be more consistent than a lesser lofted option.

What is the proper posture for putting?

A good, basic putting posture is to bow from your hips, have your eyes over the ball and your arms hanging below your shoulders.

What do you need to know about golf?

It is also not a bad idea to know a few of golf’s basic rules: Familiarize yourself with the official way to drop a ball, to take relief from an unplayable lie, what to do if your ball is out of bounds and what to do if you hit your ball into a hazard.

How to spot a good golfer?

1. Nail the basic fundamentals. You can spot a good golfer before they even hit the golf ball. Their key fundamentals of posture, grip and stance are all good, and they usually have a very specific order which they do these things (known as a pre-shot routine) which helps them repeat these each and every time.

Why do you use the pecking order?

Using this pecking order will help you keep the ball in play even when you miss.

How to chip golf?

For a basic golf chip: Hold the club lower on grip, with a more narrow stance, lean your weight and torso towards the target, and make a basic putting motion that brushes the grass. I would choose a pitching wedge for this shot, and practice getting comfortable with it.

How to find your golf club yardage?

Write all the clubs you have on a piece of paper, and when you hit a shot reasonably well, use an app like GolfLogix (an affiliate company of GOLF.com), a range finder like a Bushnell, or walk off the yardage yourself and write it down. These numbers will change over time, but knowing your distances will help your consistency on the course.

1. Set realistic expectations

Just because it’s a special tournament doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly become a different player overnight, so don’t overestimate your abilities. If you normally shoot 80-85, avoid putting undue pressure on yourself to break 80 in this one specific tournament.

2. Prepare in advance

Taking a lesson the day before a major tournament is always ill-advised. You want to head into a tournament with your swing — not a bunch of new swing thoughts — so do your swing prep in advance. I like looking at preparation in a four-week window.

3. Reduce distractions while competing

There can be a lot of demands on a player the week of a major, from media appearances and requests for interviews to family and friends supporting you. I’ve found it can be fun, and very overwhelming, so I make sure to have a good schedule in place for practice rounds, range practice, interviews and sponsor obligations.

4. Enjoy the process

I’ve found the more I focused on enjoying the moment, the venue, and the process of hitting golf shots, the better I performed. Putting minimal focus on the outcome of the cut line, score, or what place I’m currently in helps me stay in the moment and enjoy my performance more.

what do i need to know to play golf

what do i need to know to play golf插图

How do you play golf the basic rules?

Rules: During play of a holeYou must play the ball as it lies. You’re not allowed to kick it or move it to a better spot and neither is your long-toed caddie! …You can’t make the lie better so be sure not to press your club down very hard behind the ball to try flatten the ground. …No breaking or bending branches to allow you to swing easier at the ball.

What you must know to play better golf?

TopGolf 101: 10 Ways to PlayTopGolf. This is the signature game where players earn points by hitting into the targets on the range. …Quick 9. If you’re a golfer,you know that sneaking out of the office to play a “quick nine” is always fun. …TopChip. …TopPressure. …TopBreak. …TopScore. …TopScramble. …TopDrive. …TopShot. …Virtual Games. …

What should you wear to play golf?

The Key Items of Women’s Golf WearTops. There are two choices here for women. …Bottoms. The decision as to what to wear for bottoms is going to be considerably more manageable in the winter months.Sweaters and Jackets. It is a great idea to dress in layers when you go out to play. …Head. Four to five hours in the sun can be difficult for your skin. …Footwear. …Eyewear. …

How to play golf for beginners?

Learn How To Play The Game Of Golf,Some Basics,And TerminologiesBall positioning. Another essential thing you should learn is how and where to position the golf ball because it helps determine the flight.Learn The Distances To Achieve With Each Type Of Club. …Mastering Your Grip On The Club. …Body Posture. …Feet Positioning In Relation To The Golf Ball. …Learn The Rules Of Golf. …

How Much Should You Spend on Clubs as a Beginner?

If like me you are lucky enough to have friends who play golf, just go with them and try their golf clubs. If not, or you have done that and you are also hooked I would recommend getting a second-hand set of golf clubs. I spent just below $100 on my first golf set which included 5 – 9 irons, an old driver, a putter, and a golf bag.

Basic Rules of Golf and Course Etiquette

Golf is a very elegant sport that has been around for a long time. It can be a great bonding experience for a lot of people and there are ways to go about it without interrupting the other players on the course.

Should I Go To a Driving Range Before Playing on the Golf Course?

If you haven’t played golf yet but you have all the clubs and you are eager to hit the course, I suggest you pause there for a moment. From my personal experience, I would suggest you go and hit some balls on the driving range first.

Final Thoughts

Getting into playing golf in 2021 can be really easy with the right tools commitment and patience. All you need to start playing golf is some older set of clubs, reasonably priced golf balls, a bucket of tees.

What is the greenside shot?

Get out of a bunker every time: The greenside bunker shot is the one shot in golf where you don’t actually hit the ball: You swing the clubhead into the sand behind the ball, and the sand pushes it out. For that reason, you have to swing quite a bit harder than you might expect; the sand really slows down the clubhead.

How to hit a greenside bunker shot?

For that reason, you have to swing quite a bit harder than you might expect; the sand really slows down the clubhead. Here’s the basic technique: Using your sand wedge, stand so the ball is even with your front instep, twist your feet in for stability, and focus on a spot about two inches behind the ball. Swing the club back about halfway then down and through that spot behind the ball. Keep turning your body so your chest faces the target at the finish.

How to choose a golf club for beginners?

Don’t guess — try before you buy: If you’re an absolute beginner looking to buy clubs, go to a larger golf shop or driving range and ask to try a 6-iron with a regular-flex and a stiff-flex shaft. (Generally, the faster and more aggressive the swing, the more you will prefer a shaft that is labeled "S" for stiff.) One of the two should feel easier to control. That’s the shaft flex you should start with for all your clubs. Once you get serious about the game and are able to make consistent contact, a clubfitting will enable you to get the most out of your equipment.

How to get better at golf swing?

Start out by hitting one of your wedges or short irons, warming up your golf muscles with half-swings. Then increase the length and speed of your swings, and move on to your middle irons. Work your way up to the driver, and after you hit some balls with it, go back to a short iron or wedge.

How to keep pace in golf?

One way to maintain a decent pace is to limit yourself to a certain number of strokes per hole. (We suggest a maximum of seven strokes per hole.) As a beginning golfer, there’s nothing wrong with picking up your ball if you’re holding your playing partners up. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it. ? Part 5: Etiquette

What are the most comfortable pants to wear for golf?

2. Stick to khakis: Hands down, these are the most comfortable pants to play in, especially since khaki fabric is more breathable than ever before. And you won’t find a golf course that doesn’t allow you to wear khaki pants. Most courses, save for a few traditional private clubs, now allow shorts as well, although some are iffy on cargo shorts. As for jeans, best to leave those at home. Even if a course allows them, they’re uncomfortable for golf.

What to eat before a round of golf?

The best foods to eat for a round of golf are lean protein (such as chicken or turkey) and complex carbohydrates (such as all-bran cereal or a banana). You should eat before the round and again at the turn, or on the back nine, to maintain energy and concentration. And drink lots and lots of water.

How to keep track of a golf score?

You keep track of score by counting strokes ; a miss can still count as a stroke. Scoring: Ace – a hole in one. Eagle – 2 strokes under par. Birdie – 1 stroke under par (sometimes called a double eagle) Par – the standard number of strokes it should take to get the golf ball from the tee to the hole.

What is the golf tee box?

Golf Tee Box – The area in which you first play the ball at the start of the hole.

What is a bunker in golf?

Bunker – a sand filled ditch. Usually surrounds the green. Hazard – streams, ponds, bunkers, trees. Anything that comes between you and successfully getting the golf ball in the hole. Stroke – the swing made with intent to hit the ball.

What does "golf club" mean?

The term “golf club” literally means “club club.”. For local golf enthusiasts, we have also covered the history of golf in South Florida that goes a little more in depth about how Florida became the golf retreat we know today.

What is rough on a golf course?

The rough – The wild area on either side of the fairway. This area is often filled with trees and long grass.

Why is it important to learn golf?

You must train yourself and your body to do things that do not come naturally, and without someone there to correct mistakes and give guidance , you will develop bad habits.

When is the Tiger Slam held?

Tiger Slam: hold all four at one time) The Masters – First week of April and always held at the same place every year: The Augusta National Golf Club. The US Open – Mid-June and held at various golf courses around the United States. The Open – Mid-July and held at various golf courses around the United Kingdom.

How long has Golf Digest been around?

There’s a reason Golf Digest has been around for 70 years, and it’s because there’s no shortage of topics to cover when it comes to the greatest game there is. But best to keep it simple with some basics here first. When you’re ready for more, we’re here.

What time is a good time to check tee time?

Often, late afternoons are great options. There are a number of tee-time aggregators (Supreme Golf, GolfNow or TeeOff.com), which is good for searching for a tee time at multiple courses at the same time.

How to close a modal window?

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How many clubs do you need to hit a par 4?

You need a club you can hit off the tee on par 4s and par 5s, you need two or three clubs you can advance the ball down the fairway with at basically 100-, 150- and 200-yard increments (pitching wedge, 7-iron and a hybrid would be our choice), you need a sand wedge you can use around the green and out of the greenside bunkers and you need a putter. That’s six clubs max.

How to tell when to use golf clubs?

In broadest terms, your clubs themselves will help tell you when it’s best to use them. Each club is designed for a particular job—namely, to send the ball a particular distance at a particular trajectory. The longest clubs in your bag—the driver, fairway woods and hybrids—have longer shafts and less loft on the face, so the ball goes farther and runs out more. With irons, the shafts get progressively shorter and the loft on the face progressively increases, which means the ball will travel shorter and come down more steeply as you work your way down from a 5-iron to a sand wedge.

How much does a golf bag cost?

Golf bag. Hard to find one that’s decent quality for less than $100. If you’re not sure about golf, maybe you should ask a friend who plays a lot if they’ve got an extra one in their garage. That will be sufficient for the time being, and it’ll save you some cash.

Why focus on the driver to start your new set?

Why focus on the driver to start your new set? Simple. If you’ve got a driver you can trust, you’ve gone a long way to starting the hole with confidence, purpose and most importantly distance. That gives you a fighting chance to enjoy most of the day because there’s nothing worse in golf than being out of the hole before you’ve actually started it.

How to grip a golf club properly?

DO: Learn how to grip the club properly.#N#DON’T: Try to keep your head “down and still” through impact. Let it follow through with the rest of your body .#N#DO: Bend from your hip s.#N#DON’T: Bend from your knees.#N#DO: Get your lead shoulder under your chin on the backswing and finish with your face , chest and hips and facing the target.#N#DON’T: Stay flat-footed through impact.#N#DO: Concentrate on the short game by chipping and putting before focusing on long irons (3-iron, 4-iron, etc.) and your hybrids, fairway woods and driver.

When to have a buddy?

It always helps to have a buddy when you’re starting something new, whether its a diet, a workout or a sport like golf. So:

Is golf the greatest game in the world?

Getty Images. Golf is the greatest game in the world—just ask anyone who plays! But getting started as a beginner can be a daunting—and often intimidating—prospect. To help you (or someone you know) take the plunge, here’s a definitive list of dos and don’ts for the aspiring player.

Is golf the most expensive sport?

When it comes to purchasing equipment, golf is one of the most expensive sports in the world. But you don’t have to spend a fortune right away. Start slowly and:

Do you take range balls to the golf course?

Always be ready to hit your shot when it’s your turn. DON’T: Take range balls to the golf course. Many are limited-flight models, so it’s just not worth it. DO: Take the time to learn basic rules and etiquette.

Who said golf is the greatest game ever invented?

In the immortal words of Arnold Palmer: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening—and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”.

How should I be keeping score?

One thing Stenzel tells her beginner students is not to worry about the score at first. Then, once they get to a point in their game where they feel comfortable enough to keep score, only to keep score on the holes where they perform well.

How do I use a scorecard?

Stenzel notes that when you are a beginner arriving at a new golf course, a great place to start is the scorecard. Firstly, it helps you differentiate between the holes, and see which are longer — the par-4s and par-5s — and the shorter par-3 holes. Next, it helps with choosing which tees to play on the course; Stenzel sees no issue for a beginner — whether you are male or female — with choosing the most forward set of tees.

What can I learn from watching golf on TV?

Stenzel notes that there are a great deal of practices, techniques and behaviors one can learn by watching the pros on TV. For instance, Stenzel said, watching someone like Justin Thomas’s posture as he hits the ball can be extremely informative, as his setup is as close to perfect as it can get.

How do I keep my cool on the course?

This question is especially important for me — as a lifelong tennis player, I know all too well how isolating and frustrating a solo sport can be. Keeping composure and a level head is undoubtedly one of the most important skills for any athlete.

How do I find the right course for me?

Everybody has their own kind of course that suits them: some prefer the tree-lined courses of the Northeast, others prefer seaside courses, courses with a lot of bunkers, courses with many hazards, small greens, big greens, you name it. Each course has a unique personality — it’s all about finding the one that suits you best. Only way to do that? Go out and try some different types!

What is the most difficult hole in golf?

You’ll see that each hole has a number next to it indicating the “handicap” of that hole. It’s basically a difficulty rating; the no. 1 handicap hole is the most difficult, while the no. 18 handicap is the easiest.

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Can a Beginner Play on a Golf Course?

If you are a beginner, your first instinct may be to say yes! But the truth is that it can depend on which course you visit. The vast majority of golf courses are typically designed for people with some experience playing the game.

What Do I Need to Play Golf for the First Time?

Before playing golf for the first time, it is important to do some research on what you will need. There are many different pieces of equipment that can be used while playing, but not all of them are necessary especially when you are just starting out. As a new golfer, you will need:

How Do I Prepare for My First Round of Golf?

Before you hit the golf course for the first time I would suggest doing research on the layout of the course, its difficulty, and what type of clubs you will need for your first game.

What Should I Expect at My First Round of Golf?

When playing golf for the first time, there are a few things you can expect. First, the game is going to be slower than most sports but don’t let that put you off. Make sure that you have plenty of golf balls as you will likely lose quite a few.

How Does a Beginner Get Better at Golf?

As mentioned above you could take lessons from a professional in addition to watching instructional videos or practicing on your own. There are also many apps that can help you improve your game. No matter what route you choose, it is important to be consistent and patient in order to see results. It is also important that you have a plan.

What is the difference between a water hazard and a lateral hazard?

The difference between water and lateral hazards. A water hazard is marked in yellow, lateral in red. If you aren’t going to attempt to play from the hazard — and unless you have a clean shot, we advise you don’t — you are facing a one-shot penalty. For a water hazard, a player has three options: Getty Images.

What is the USGA rule book?

The USGA rule book is the law for tournament play; it is absolute, without discussion. If it’s your first time entering in an event, from as comfortable as a club championship to U.S. Open qualifying, you need to be well-versed on golf’s legislation. And because there are so many golf rules, one could feel overwhelmed.

How to avoid the two stroke penalty?

Avoid the two-stroke penalty by double-checking your bag before teeing off.

What happens if the ball falls off the tee?

Ball falls off tee. There’s a shocking amount of players that aren’t 100 percent sure what to do when this happens. Simple: You get to re-tee without penalty. (Exception: You’ve already whiffed on the first shot. If the ball then falls off, you have to play it as it lies.)

What are the two biggest infractions in the sand?

The two biggest infractions in the sand are grounding your club and moving impediments from the bunker. This pains me to bring up, but my high school coach made me call both infractions on a competitor in a match: He chunked his first bunker shot, causing him to slam his club in disgust. He then threw out a few rocks around his ball before attempting his next shot, both violations. If you thought he was mad then, you should have saw his face after I sheepishly told him about said offenses.

What are the violations of the flag?

Other violations include hitting a pin that has been taken out and lying past the hole, or if you purposefully leave the flag in while attending it to cause a penalty on your opponent.

What happens if someone breaks the order of the shot?

This mainly comes up in match play, but whoever is farthest away from the hole is up. And if someone breaks that order, a competitor is allowed to cancel the shot, forcing them to replay it.

What to leave at home?

Do not bring in your own alcohol unless the course has explicitly said it is okay.

How far apart are tee times on golf courses?

Golf courses can’t offer "grace periods" like restaurant reservations. Tee times are typically 6-to-10 minutes apart and when the group ahead of you has teed off, the starter expects you to be ready to jump on the tee. Arriving at the course for a tee time 15 minutes early is about as close as I cut it.

What does it mean to play golf at Twilight?

Playing golf at twilight probably means fewer golfers on the course. Brandon Tucker/Golf Advisor. If you are a beginner, chances are you are going to feel a little nervous your first time to the course and you may be wary about playing with new people.

What to say when you hit a ball?

If you hit a ball and it appears to be headed towards the vicinity of other people. Yell "FORE!" as loud as you can. Be loud! Trust me, they’ll be madder if they are hit and didn’t hear you than if your voice interrupted them.

How to bag drop a golf course?

Some courses will have signs pointing towards a bag drop. Follow them, leave your clubs with the attendant and then and park your car. (If there is no one at the bag drop, you can take your clubs out and set them on the rack. The attendant may have just gotten tied up for a few minutes). Some courses, especially municipal courses, lack a bag drop attendant. In this case, park your car and carry your clubs to the clubhouse.

What is the job of a ranger in golf?

Their job, if done properly, is to keep an eye on the players and make sure there are no bottlenecks on the course.

What to wear to show your personality?

Throw on a collared shirt (with or without sleeves), some sort of polyester/spandex short or skort, and some athletic shoes for starters, but once you feel more comfortable, don’t be afraid to let your personality show. – Bailey

What is the red line of danger?

Anyone not hitting is commanded to stand behind a Red Line of Danger, so as not to get whacked in the chin while absent-mindedly eating a donut hole. For those who wander too close to the edge, there’s a safety net that’s called a safety net despite not being remotely sufficient enough to save a small housecat, let alone your gangly and drinking frame. So if your dream is to become a viral obit that reads “Idiot Plummets to Death While Golfing, Somehow,” go for it.

How does topgolf work?

It works for you and your dumb golf friends; it also works for families with small children who are primarily concerned with hitting the ball in a reasonably forward-ish direction. If you’ve never been, here’s a primer on what’s going on inside the towering netting:

What is topgolf practice?

Topgolf offers multiple game options, but the most popular is cleverly called “Topgolf.” It’s basically driving-range target practice. Players aim not at a tiny hole on the other side of an angry lake 500 yards away but at one of several enormous targets scattered around the range. The more accurate your shot, and the farther away the target, the more points you get. Think of it as aiming at crop circles, which are real despite what the government tells you.

How to close a modal window?

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How many bays are there in the driving range?

Short version: three-story-tall driving range with bar and kitchen. The range is populated by several dozen bays, which you and your group can rent by the hour. Each bay is essentially a private driving range tee with a waitstaff. Six can play at a time, all ages. Honestly, it feels like going to a golf version of a bowling alley.

Is Topgolf stress free?

If you’re a skilled golfer, the games present a novel if accessible challenge. But if you’re new, intermediate or exceedingly terrible, it’s stress-free because it’ s an all-inclusive environment. (No one’s behind you and you’ll definitely not run into Trump.) For instance, our group included four gangly novice children and that spent much of its time focusing on hitting the ball straight, while the guys two bays down looked like they could target and hit individual cars on the adjacent highway. Maybe once an hour you’ll hear someone knock a ball into the delivery machine, which results in a primally-satisfying CLANG and reminds you that you are never the worst one there.

Can you bring your own bowling ball to a bowling alley?

You can! You can also bring your own bowling ball to a bowling alley, if you’re awful.