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how to stop pull hooking the golf ball

What is an Over Swing?

Before we define an over swing proper we must first determine what a good top of the swing position looks like. One of the characteristics of that swing position is how your hands position the club in relation to the ground.

Problems Associated with an Over Swing

The first problem associated with an over swing is lack of practice with this exaggerated swing amplitude. Meaning that the golfer, again probably not knowing his swing suffers from this, will visit the practice range and hit balls with a perfectly correct backswing length and regular swing rhythm.

How to Fix an Over Swing

The best way to fix your overswing is to actually see it as it happens with your own, live full swings. And the best way to see it is to record yourself.

Let’s watch this article about how to stop pull hooking the golf ball. If you have any questions please ask them in the comment section.