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where is albany golf course

where is albany golf course插图

500 Church Ave, Albany, MN 56307

What are the best golf courses in Albany NY?

Albany, New York Golf Courses. 1 Capital Hills At Albany Golf Course, Capital Hills Course. 2 Wolferts Roost Country Club, Wolferts Roost Course. 3 Normanside Country Club, Normanside Course. 4 Schuyler Meadows Club, Schuyler Meadows Course. 5 Shaker Ridge Country Club, Shaker Ridge Course. More items

How to contact albanygolfcourse?

[email protected](320) 345-3194Tee Times Book Tee Times Home Tee Times Tee Times Member Tee Times Golf Course Info 2022 Rates 2022 Membership 2022 Course/Tournament Schedule Calendar Leagues Men’s League Ladie’s League Sr. League Jr. Huskies

Are the water stations at the capital Hills at Albany Golf Course?

Note: Due to aftermath of the pandemic the water stations will not be returning however bottled water will be for sale in the pro shop. The Capital Hills at Albany Golf Course is proudly operated by the City of Albany Department of General Services