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where is royal melbourne golf club

where is royal melbourne golf club插图

Cheltenham Road, Black Rock Victoria 3193

Is Royal Melbourne a good golf course?

It is an outstanding course and its only fault is that it sits in the shadow of RMGC’s West (which a good number of knowledgeable observers consider to be the finest in the world). Royal Melbourne has an interesting history, starting with a split from the now Metropolitan club in the 1890s.

Which is the best golf course in Australia?

I personally agree both Wests are best but the best of the lot is the West course in Melbourne by some distance. The East course at Melbourne, like the East course at Wentworth, is shorter but that doesn’t mean to say it’s easier than the West.

Why was golf not popular in Melbourne until 1891?

After that the discovery of gold in New South Wales and Victoria caused a huge boom and influx of people, followed by slump, which put aside most frivolous activities, so that organised golf was not revived in Melbourne until 1891.