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where to buy golf cart parts

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Cart Parts USA
Cart Parts USAis a national retailer for custom golf cart parts and accessories. We sell golf car parts and accessories for Bad Boy Buggies,Club Car,E-Z-GO,Yamaha,and most makes and models.

What type of golf cart should I buy?

These include:YamahaIngersoll-Rand PLCTextronE-Z-GoClub CarPolaris GEMAmerican Custom Golf Cars (ACG)Gulf Atlantic Vehicles

How much are custom golf carts?

Used golf carts can cost as low as $2,000/$3,000, and quite honestly, it’s the best way to go when purchasing a golf cart. If you want something a little fancier, some specialty golf cart shops can create custom designs that will cost you upwards of $20,000!

Are golf carts available to rent?

We offer short term, long term and special event golf cart rentals. Suncoast Carts Unlimited offers 2, 4, and 6 passenger golf carts for rent for any occasion, along with a complete line of newer Club Car and EZGO models vehicles to ensure comfortable and reliable transportation.

Can a golf cart jump start a car?

When you jump start your car using a pair of batteries from different voltage ratings, the higher-rated battery will discharge to meet the lower rating while providing some additional power in order to start your engine. … A golf cart, which runs on electricity and can be used as either a vehicle or an electric golf cart, is considered a …

When buying golf cart parts, is it important to have an industry connection?

When it comes to buying golf cart parts and other items for your golf cart, it is imperative that you have an industry connection you can trust.

Do we carry used golf cart parts?

We don’t carry golf cart parts used, but we do have the lowest prices on the market and we always price match! Used golf cart parts have unpredictable quality, integrity and longevity. And the god’s honest truth is that new parts don’t cost much more than used ones.

Who makes golf carts?

Yamaha, one of the world’s largest conglomerates, has been making amazing golf carts since 1970s. Stretching back to the Yamaha G1 (G-Series) golf carts of 1975 all the way up to the modern Yamaha Drive (G29) and Drive2 models. Yamaha makes quality machines that need to be taken care of with the proper replacement parts.

How Do You Cart?

Explore golf cart parts, accessories and tips tailored just for the way you like to cart.

Questions About Your Golf Cart?

Our resident expert gear-head, Dave, delivers tips, tricks, how-to videos for Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, reminders to keep us moving, sprinkling in a bit of humor to keep us entertained.

Shop Parts by Brand

At Golf Cart Garage, we specialize in golf cart parts, accessories and golf cart supplies for sale. As your top quality source for replacement parts, tire combos and golf cart accessories, our goal is offer the best selection and the smoothest buying experience whether you own Club Car, EZ-Go or Yamaha golf carts.

Golf Cart Dealers Near Me

Our Dealer Locator is the largest database of golf car dealers available online today. You can search by specific manufacturer model by using your address or zip code.

Club Car Dealer Locator

Club Car dealers can be found nationwide as one of the biggest golf cart brands available on the market.

Yamaha Golf Cart Dealer

Yamaha Golf Cart dealers can also be found nationwide. Some of which are distributors and others are smaller dealerships. Both will be equally effective of taking care of all your Yamaha parts and repair needs for you golf cart.

EZGO Locator

EZGO golf cart dealers are among the top three most popular dealerships as well in the golf car industry. With over 400 dealers nationwide, you should not have any trouble finding the nearest dealer to you.

ICON Dealer Locator

With ICON being a relatively new manufacturer within the market, and finding a new dealer can be somewhat tricky. With new dealers being added every few months, be sure you are working with a dealer that can get your aftermarket parts for you ICON EV.