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where to buy jazz golf clubs

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What does Jazz Golf sell?

for the mid to upper priced sectors of the golf equipment market. Jazz also markets bags and head covers and clothing. Sales for distribution outside of Canada. customers outside of Canada.

Where can I buy golf clubs online?

Originally called The Golf Warehouse, this family-owned operation out of Wichita, Kansas, was one of the first online retailers for golf clubs and more than 30,000 other golf products. The site often has 24-hour flash sales with an average of $100 off most golf clubs and free shipping for orders over $99 (with some exclusions).

What does the Goliath and Jazz Golf deal mean for Canadians?

Goliath distributes a number of products in Canada including Nicklaus Golf, Golden Bear Enterprises, Clicgear Carts, Club Globe and Rife putters. As it is with other products, James says the company will offer lifetime warranties with Jazz products and that the strengths of the two companies make the deal a good marriage.

What are Jazz Golf octave Irons?

Available only as part of the Jazz Golf Alley Cat Set. Jazz Golf Octave irons feature a notched undercut cavity design that produces consistency and maximum forgiveness. Jazz Golf Octave irons inspire confidence on longer approach shots by utilizing weight placement to promote a higher ball flight.

Vibe Set

The Jazz Vibe combines great looks, hi–tech performance features and outstanding value.

Fat Cat Set

"Fat Cat" is back! A Jazz exclusive, Fat Cat offers golfers the latest technology coupled with great colours and true performance advantages.

Festival Set

The Jazz Festival is the ultimate combination of technology and value in a complete golf set.

Sandra Post Harmony Set

Our premier ladies 11 piece set is designed by former LPGA player and teaching expert Sandra Post.

Sandra Post Melody Set

The new Sandra Post Melody set is the perfect fit for women who want to take their game to the next level.

Jazz Festival Set

The Jazz Festival is the ultimate combination of technology and value in a complete golf set.

What is the deep face of a Jazz Golf Alley Cat driver?

The Jazz Golf Alley Cat driver’s deep face 450cc For ged Titanium driver allows for an enormous sweet spot, resulting in maximum forgiveness. Available only as part of the Jazz Golf Alley Cat Set.

What is a 6020 golf iron?

The Jazz Golf 6020 irons feature a three piece head. A hardened steel face insert matted to softer steel and enhanced by a polymer ring for shock absorp tion. A modest top line exudes confidence without being overbearing and the last groove on the face painted white to aide alignment.

How does the SP-2 shape improve?

The SP-2 takes a classic shape and improves it by increasing the size slightly to enhance the effect of perimeter weighting.

How accurate are true fit golf clubs?

Built around a four-pronged data set (your physical characteristics, swing dynamics, strength, and shot tendency), the tool has helped create custom-made clubs for more than 10,000 golfers since 2005 and boasts a “95 percent” accuracy rating. Start by selecting the club type from all the usual suspects, and then work through more than 15 brand options for the head, shaft, and grip. It should be noted, however, that this isn’t the most customer-friendly online experience for browsing or evaluating. They don’t have any user reviews/ratings at the product level, with little additional information per club part — but web searches by product name should help flesh out those details if you’re unsure or want additional insight.

What is golf avenue?

Founded by two college students, Golf Avenue started out on eBay in 2006 before graduating into one of the largest online golf retailers of pre-owned equipment with more than 75,000 clubs in its inventory. Driven by a passion for the sport, the site offers options for every type of golfer, from the casual part-timer to the budding low-handicap expert. PGA pros evaluate each and every club before it’s accepted for sale, and then each one is steam cleaned, photographed from various angles, and carefully graded to offer as much transparency as possible.

What are shopping filters?

Shopping filters are a bit limited compared to other sites but does include filters for gender, hand, price, and details such as loft and shaft flex. Product info and user reviews/ratings are also robust, and the related items section allows for smart, horizontal views that help you narrow down your selection of clubs.

What is rock bottom golf?

You can count on Rock Bottom Golf for major discounts on everything from individual clubs to iron groups to entire club sets. This deep cost-cutting comes in the form of lower-priced, open-box and return clubs, pre-owned clubs with a 30-day “playability” guarantee, and a section on the site dedicated to clearance items with a 50 percent price cut. They also offer cash for your old clubs, though the buy-back pricing is pretty modest. Browse by club type or brand, and filter by brand, flex, loft, price, and condition (new, used, and open box). The product details are fairly robust and include specs on various flex patterns, grip, and loft. And while the user review library reads fairly scarce, it’s easy enough to source that information elsewhere. Easy access to their online Golf Glossary helps break down some of the golf jargon, too. All clubs come with a 90-day guarantee and most ship for free.

What is golf galaxy?

Golf Galaxy might not have the retail footprint of its parent, Dick’s Sporting Goods, but they more than make up for it with specificity: as its name implies, the store and online retail site offers all things golf, including custom golf clubs, complete sets, and a full array of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. You also get a best-price guarantee as well as easy, one-hour pickup (or free shipping). The site offers a bit of selection and buying tips and some expert advice, but the emphasis here is on club stats. Each product includes variables on loft, hand, bounce, and shaft, buoyed by user reviews and a Q&A feature.

How long has Worldwide Golf Shops been in business?

Worldwide Golf Shops is the parent brand of some smaller brick-and-mortar shops (more than 80 across 20 states), and have been in the industry for more than 50 years — with one of the most robust inventories of club package sets.

What is Dick’s sporting goods?

A popular brick-and-mortar sporting goods store, Dick’s Sporting Goods covers a variety of club brands, types, and complete sets with a "Best Price Guarantee" that states they’ll match costs with other qualifying retailers—so you’re always guaranteed the lowest prices.