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where to rent golf cart isla mujeres

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When carrying out the IslaMujeres ferry station,on the main avenue of the island you will find different places to rent your cart. Normally they have the carts exhibited,and the prices do not vary much from one place to another. Usually,the price includes the necessary combustible and passenger insurance.

How to get to Isla Mujeres?

R enting a golf cart is the easiest, safest, and most popular way to see Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is one of the most popular destinations in all of Mexico right now.

How many people can the Isla Mujeres golf carts hold?

Our Isla Mujeres golf carts can comfortably hold four people. This is enough space so that several couples can enjoy cruising around the island together. You can talk, sip cold drinks, and assure that all of you have a good time together— as a group.

Can You Deliver my golf cart to Villa Rolandi or Isla Mujeres Palace?


Why rent a golf cart on the island?

Golf cart rentals here are just what you need. They are fun to drive and are great for small groups or families. (Please note that there are no golf carts on the island that will seat 6 people.) Golf carts are in great demand. The island runs out of carts during high season.

How many people can fit in a golf cart in Isla Mujeres?

Type of golf cart available in Isla Mujeres. There are small and large golf cart available. They all have a maximum capacity of 4 people but while in the small cart two people in the back seats face the rear, in the big golf cart, all the four people face forward.

How big is Isla Mujeres?

Well, Isla Mujeres is only 4.22 km2 (2.66 m2). You could walk around if it wasn’t that hot. There are many interesting points of interest, hidden beaches, or the open area sculpture museums in Punta Sur. The rugged eastern coast or the spectacular Playa Norte. In my essential guide to Isla Mujeres I am sharing all about it and show you what you can enjoy while driving your golf cart.

Can you rent a golf cart in Isla Mujeres?

You can rent golf carts by the hour, or for the entire day or even a week. It’s totally up to you. You can drive everywhere and explore all the Isla Mujeres best places on your own in total freedom.

What happens when you get off a ferry?

If you are getting off of the ferry you will immediately find a few of them waiting for you or sometimes vendors are waiting at the ferry terminal to catch new customers.

Do you have to leave your driving license for a golf cart rental?

Golf Cart rentals company require you to leave your driving license as a deposit, but that’s also a requirement for renting the vehicle.

Is it fun to drive in Isla Mujeres?

Now, in Isla Mujeres, it’s even more fun, because there are no regular cars to rent. Only golf carts. And they super fun to drive. The roads are super easy and there is no chance of getting lost, even if you wanted to. There are fewer cars circulating and there is no danger at all. Also, they are super easy to drive.

When to book a hotel in advance?

Make sure you make a reservation way in advance in the high season which means from December through April – but Christmas and Easter week are even more crowded so it’s required to book months in advance

How many people can fit in a golf cart in Isla Mujeres?

Most of the golf carts in Isla Mujeres are regular carts, that can seat up to 4 people. Some companies offer large 6 person golf carts, but those are harder to find. If you are traveling with a big group, you might have to rent multiple golf carts, if the large ones are not available

How to explore Isla Mujeres?

If you’d like to explore the island by golf cart and check out some of the fun bars along the way, there’s a great tour you can take. Isla Driver Robby offers a 6 hour golf cart tour, taking you to some of most popular spots in Isla Mujeres, as well as the hidden gems, you probably would never discover on your own. If you’d like to stop for great food and hit a couple of fun bars along the way, he’ll take you there. This way you don’t need to worry about drinking and driving.

How long does it take to drive in Isla Mujeres?

Driving in Isla Mujeres is very easy and you won’t get lost, even if you tried. The island is 5 miles long and half a mile wide at its widest point. Getting from one end of the island to the other takes about 30 minutes non stop, but trust me, you’ll be stopping plenty.

Where is the parking area in Malecón?

The definite No parking areas are Malecón ( board walk, that starts at the Isla Mujeres sign and runs along the Caribbean side ), Avenida Hidalgo ( the main street with stores and restaurants ) and the street right by the ferry.

How many seats are in a 6 person golf cart?

Large 6 person Golf Cart – capacity for up to 6 people, 4 seats facing front and 2 facing back.

Is it illegal to drive a golf cart in Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres has a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving, and that includes golf carts. This is due to way too many alcohol related accidents over the years involving tourists, who treat the golf cart more like a toy, not a means of transportation. This behavior is very common, especially among the day trippers from Cancún. Driving with the open alcohol container is illegal and that applies to passengers as well. There are police check points across the island to enforce it. And trust me, you do not want to deal with the police in Mexico.

Do you need to pre-book a golf cart rental in Isla Mujeres?

If you are looking for a rental just for a few hours or for the day, there’s no need to pre-book. If you’d like it for 24 hours or multiple days, definitely make a reservation ahead of time. Especially if you are traveling in high season or during popular holidays. With so many golf carts on the island, you think there’s no shortage, but they do book up during the busiest parts of the year. So my main Isla Mujeres golf cart rental tip would be to reserve your cart ahead of time.

Where to take a tour of Isla Mujeres?

If you’re looking for options to do in such a short time, we recommend you visit Punta Sur, where you can find the most spectacular view in the island and the perfect spot to take your vacation photos.

How many people can fit in a golf cart?

All golf carts, both regular and XL, have a capacity for up to 4 people.

Is Isla Mujeres a paradise?

Isla Mujeres is the kind of paradise that you can’t afford to miss on your vacation to the Mexican Caribbean. If you’re planning on going and have doubts about whether or not you should rent a cart, we advise you to do so.

Is finding rental options difficult?

Finding rental options is not a difficult talk, since upon arriving to the island you can find numerous places and people offering their services. The real problem is deciding which one to choose, and if you’re one of those people who like to plan each detail of their vacation or simply want to find the best option that fits your needs, then this article is for you.