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who buys second hand golf clubs

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Where can I buy and sell used golf clubs?

Used golf clubs can be bought and sold online and in person. When buying used clubs, look on website auctions, local retailers, and even online golf stores. If you’re selling used clubs for cash, selling them through an online auction (such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace) may be your best bet.

Does Dick’s sell used golf clubs?

Big-box stores like Golf Galaxy, PGA Tour Superstore, and Dick’s Sporting Goods are all places that buy and sell used clubs. If selling, you typically won’t get the best deal, but it’s a no-hassle, convenient way to get rid of clubs.

Are pre-owned golf putters a good choice?

While considering a pre-owned golf club purchase, a higher-quality club with a better reputation for performance and durability can be a much better choice than a club without that type of reputation. Why are Pre-Owned golf putters a relatively safe choice for a used club?

Why buy used golf clubs from 2nd swing?

At 2nd Swing, we offer the highest trade-in values for your used golf clubs, guaranteed. This creates a quick and easy way to not only open up space in your garage but also to save money on the purchase of your new clubs. Additionally, we also welcome customers who would like to trade-in rangefinders and Golf GPS units.

How long is the RBG playability guarantee?

We offer a 30-Day Playability Guarantee so our customers can feel secure purchasing a Pre-Owned club here at RBG! Our 30-Day Playability Guarantee allows you to return a club within 30 days after purchase if you are unhappy with its condition rating or performance. Clubs eligible for the Guarantee will clearly display the 30 Day Playability and Condition Guarantee icon on the product page. Click on the banner on the top of this page for more information!

What is a pre-owned golf club?

Pre-owned golf clubs are a reliable and straightforward way to get top-quality name-brand clubs for less. Our easy-to-understand rating system guarantees you know what you are getting before that first drive with a pre-owned or used club. And our pre-owned golf clubs have reviews from golfers just like you listed on each product page! And buying pre-owned clubs from brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland guarantees you superior quality without the new club price. Increase your inventory of high-performance pre-owned and used golf clubs today.

Do putters take beatings?

While there are always exceptions, putters do not take the beating of other clubs like a driver or a wedge.