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who makes costco golf gloves

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Kirkland Signature

How much are Kirkland golf gloves at Costco?

Costco sells their Kirkland Signature Golf Gloves for $19.99. Scroll down for photos. These gloves do go on sale a few times a year, so if you can wait, you’ll get a deal. Like many products at Costco, when they find something good, they slap their “Kirkland Signature” label on.

What are Costco golf gloves made from?

The Costco gloves are made from genuine Cabretta leather. This may not suit everyone since it’s made from the skin of sheep. But most premium golf gloves are made from cabretta leather as it produces a wonderfully soft feel. It also provides some give so that the glove can stretch to the shape of your hand.

What golf products can you buy at Costco?

Another Costco golf product you can buy is the Kirkland Signature glove. Made from premium cabretta leather, it comes in a three-pack and is on sale on Amazon for 29.99, but as Costco member you can pick it up in store for a balmy 12.99. It sounds too good to be true, so what’s the catch. Well in all honesty, there isn’t really one.

Where to buy golf gloves in the UK?

Here in the UK, the costco golf gloves are offered in a pack of 3. You should be able to pick them up online or in store. I went in store and paid about 17, which seemed like a fair price for 3 gloves. Online they tend to be around the 20 mark. I’ve noticed that most items at Costco tend to be more expensive online compared to in store.

Who makes Costco golf gloves?

Founded in 2016, Costco sells its golf gear under its own brand ‘Kirkland.’ Originally entering the golfing space selling balls, Kirkland made a name for itself due to the high quality, well-priced golf balls it was producing.

Are they any good?

In short, yes. The product itself is excellent. Constructed from premium Cabretta leather, the glove is thin but super soft, allowing for an excellent feel. It is also high quality and durable, easily lasting 4+ rounds of intensive play, and comes in a range of sizes from small up to extra-large.

Do Kirkland make right-handed gloves too?

Golf gloves are predominantly worn on a player’s less dominant hand (a right-handed player would wear a golf glove on their left hand and vice versa).

The bottom line

The Kirkland golf glove is a premium quality golf glove in all facets apart from the price. It is grippy, allows for an excellent feel, and offers great durability. What’s even better, Kirkland also doesn’t discriminate between left- and right-handed golfers.

Does Costco have golf gloves?

Costco sell s their own brand of golf gloves, the Kirkland Signature golf glove.

What is Kirkland glove made of?

It also provides some give so that the glove can stretch to the shape of your hand. The Kirkland Signature glove is made from Cabretta leather. I have to say that to me the Costco glove matches the feel of any of the top brand premium golf gloves.

What are Costco golf gloves made of?

Costco golf glove material. The Costco gloves are made from genuine Cabretta leather. This may not suit everyone since it’s made from the skin of sheep. But most premium golf gloves are made from cabretta leather as it produces a wonderfully soft feel.

Is Kirkland golf glove size smaller than Medium?

For example, a small Men’s is roughly equivalent to a Medium Women’s. For that reason, the Kirkland Signature golf gloves may not be suitable for Women with a (Women’s) glove size smaller than Medium.

Do women’s golf gloves go down?

The only issue that women could have is with the lack of smaller sizes. Most women’s golf gloves go down to an extra small but the Costco ones only go down to a small.

Does Kirkland golf glove fit bigger than standard?

I have heard some people online saying that the Kirkland golf glove plays slightly larger than standard. But for me, this hasn’t been the case. I chose the same size that I would normally (M/L) and it fit me perfectly.

Is Costco gloves good?

Having used the costco glo ves extensively for months now, I can honestly say that in my opinion they’re as good as any glove out there!

What is Kirkland Signature Brand?

Back in the mid-1990s, Costco realized there was a gap in the market for quality products sold at an affordable price.

What are Kirkland golf gloves made of?

Taking a look at their construction, Kirkland golf gloves are made using premium Cabretta leather that helps tighten your grip through your swing.

How many people will be paying for Costco membership in 2020?

And let us tell you, that market is huge! In 2020 alone, more than 100 million people around the globe paid for a Costco membership, meaning millions of people are gaining access to premium brand items sold at an affordable Costco price.

Does Kirkland Signature sell to Costco?

Today, Kirkland Signature sells millions of premium consumer goods to buyers around the world through Costco stores and their online retailer platform.

Who makes Kirkland golf gloves?

So, who makes Kirkland golf gloves? Kirkland golf gloves are made by Kirkland Signature —Costco’s premium product line. You can find them in stores across the world or order them online from Amazon or Costco’s product pages.

Do Costco golf gloves run bigger?

Be sure to check the Costco measurement chart at checkout, though, as they do run a little larger than other brand -name golfing gloves. Too loose of a glove will make it harder to grip your golf clubs.

Does Costco advertise Kirkland?

Costco doesn’t allows advertise who they’re teaming up with. It’s up to the brands that manufacture their products to announce whether they’re selling through Costco’s Kirkland Signature line.

What size golf glove do I need for a footjoy?

I typically play FootJoy or Titleist golf gloves in a size medium-large so that’s my best reference point for sizing. The same size in the Kirkland Signature golf glove is a little narrower in the fingers (not quite “cadet” narrow) but overall fits my hand somewhat similarly. After a few uses, the fingers loosened up a bit and fit more comfortably.

Is Kirkland golf glove good?

Typical with all Kirkland golf gear, it’s not bad, it’s not great. Comfort is just fine and it won’t blow you away. That said, the glove is durable enough, but will get a little dry and crusty fairly quick even though it’s supposed to be a premium Cabretta leather.

Does Costco have left handed gloves?

Oh, and one last note, Costco doesn’t currently offer this glove for left-handed players. (As in, play lefty, wear your glove on your right hand.) Right-handed players/wear on your left hand only, folks.

Do MFG gloves wear twice as fast?

But from the pictures, it looks like they are wearing fairly well. At that price/glove, they could wear twice as fast as other mfg.’s and end up costing about the same – except that you get fresh gloves more frequently instead of feeling like you need to keep using that $15 glove until your finger or palm breaks through.

Do logo golf gloves stretch?

From my experience with them as everyone else is saying is that they do tend to stretch after the 6-7 round mark a little bit. I have also had a pair that split at a seem which could have been a defect as I have not had that issue with any other pairs. Logo is a bit bulky and unappealing, but in regards to quality they are fairly comparable to top name brand golf gloves.

Does Kirkland leather stretch?

I believe mine is Kirkland’s Medium/Large size, and they fit great. And yes, I’d say the leather does stretch and give a bit of need be … and you won’t be disappointed in the comfort.

Is golf an expensive sport?

At the end of the day, golf is an expensive sport overall … and anytime you can save money, along with getting a quality product at a great value, I’m all for it.

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