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who makes precision 2 golf clubs

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Renegar Golf
Here atRenegar Golf,we manufacture precision-made golf clubs for golfers that wish to lower their scorecard with their short-game play.

Who makes a convex-faced putter?

Curv Golf makes a convex-faced putter. Daito Golf is a Canada-based manufacturer of milled putters, plus putting trainers. It’s called Diamond Touch Golf because they really do use diamonds in their clubfaces. The result is an ultrahard surface and less spin.

Who is precise golf?

Precise Golf (formerly Tartan Sports) has been proudly serving happy customers for over 25 years. Established in 1987 as a golf cart distributor, Precise Golf now carries a full line of Golf Clubs, Carts, Bags and Accessories.

Why choose precision golf?

Trusting your game is made easy when you know you have the right equipment in your hands. Precision Golf provides bespoke solutions ensuring that, whatever your ability, clubs can be built or adjusted to complement your game allowing improvement without the handicap of ill-fitting equipment.

Who makes Precept Golf Clubs?

The parent company of Precept also markets clubs and balls under its own name. From the introduction of the Big Bertha line, Callaway has been a leader in golf club production and sales. They also own the Odyssey line of putters and a hot new brand of ball. They call themselves the “short game solution,” and putters are their specialty.

What is Knight Golf?

Knight Golf is a low-priced alternative to high-end clubs, offering drivers, irons, putters and more at big-box retail outlets. KZG. KZG makes a full line of golf clubs and accessories, including drivers that utilize maraging technology and forged irons. Louisville Golf.

What is Hipti known for?

Best known for its hipTi metal woods and drivers.

Why is it called Diamond Touch Golf?

It’s called Diamond Touch Golf because they really do use diamonds in their clubfaces. The result is an ultrahard surface and less spin. Dogleg Right. Best known for its Hog line of putters, drivers and irons, Dogleg Right now makes putters under various brand names.

What is Nickent known for?

Nickent makes a full line of products but is perhaps best known for its fairway metals. Nicklaus Golf. Golf equipment from Jack Nicklaus along three different product brands, from high-end to value: Nicklaus Golf Equipment; Jack Nicklaus Golf; and Golden Bear. Nike Golf.

What is the most popular iron?

Mizuno is one of the most popular irons among pros. You’ll also find putters, drivers, wedges, shoes, bags and accessories.

What is square two golf?

Square Two Golf. Square Two is best known for its women’s clubs, but it also offers a full line of men’s club. Srixon. Srixon was best known for balls when it first appeared on the scene, but now offers a full line of clubs and accessories.

What is jazz golf?

Jazz is the largest Canadian wholly owned golf manufacturing company. It offers a full range of clubs as well as accessories such as bags.

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Overall Take

All of the included golf clubs fit neatly inside the deluxe stand bag. The bag also has room for all of your valuables, hand towels and extra tees. When it comes to the clubs, they are made for right-handed men that are between 6 foot 1 inch and 6 foot 4 inches in height.

From The Manufacturer

Whether you’re a beginner, an avid golfer, or if you can only get out to the course a few times per year, the Precise M5 men’s club set is the perfect choice. The oversized clubheads are user-friendly and the off-set allows the beginning to intermediate golfer to get the ball in the air easier.

Our Expert Consultant

Will Shaw MSc, BSc is a golf professional who provides golf coaching and sport science services for elite players. Alongside his applied work, Will lectures at Leeds Beckett University on the topics of sports biomechanics and skill acquisition. He is also completing a Ph.D. at the University of
Leeds in biomedical sciences.

An Overview On Golf Clubs

Purchasing a full set of golf clubs can feel like an overwhelming task for many of us. Golf is known to be a challenging game where every little thing you do can make a difference in your ability to play well or shoot low scores.

The Golf Club Buying Guide

Spending even one hour with a golf pro who watches your swing and helps you make adjustments can be huge when you very first start playing golf. They will be able to fit you into clubs that are going to work well with your swing and ability.

How much weight is in a G410 crossover?

The G410 Crossover features a 30-gram dual-density tungsten weight in the sole of the club towards the toe. This weight expands the perimeter weighting of this 2-iron to ensure maximum forgiveness on every shot.

Why do golfers use 2 irons?

Professional players use a 2 iron for a variety of reasons but the main reasons are accuracy and trajectory. 2 Irons are designed to hit the golf ball low, pros that play in windy conditions regularly rely on their 2 irons to keep the ball low off of the tee when they are playing into the wind. 2 Irons are designed to minimize spin, the absence of spin on the golf ball as it flies through the air doesn’t just affect the trajectory, it also ensures accuracy and control.

What is the best driving iron?

One of the best driving irons currently available on the market is the TaylorMadeP790 UDI 2 iron. The P790 UDI features TaylorMade’s signature SpeedFoam technology, this technology promotes maximum distance and exceptional forgiveness.

How to get rhythm in golf swing?

A good drill to ensure rhythm and balance in your golf swing is to take the club by the clubhead and to take a few practice swings with the club upside down . This drill forces you to use your big muscles (shoulders and hips) in order to swing the club back and through. Golf swings go out of sync and lose their rhythm when the arm’s take over as a result of swinging too hard.

How much loft does a 2 iron have?

2 irons feature 20 degrees of loft, this number can be adjusted however if the clubhead is forged or if the design allows for adjustment. 2 irons feature similar lofts to that of either a 5 wood or a 3 hybrid.

Why is it important to have a correct ball position?

The correct ball position is vital to ensure that your angle of attack is correct and that your clubface has enough time to square up through the hitting zone.

What is the hollow body of a King iron?

The hollow body of the clubhead combined with the ultra-thin face design promotes exceptional ball speeds which in return maximizes distance. The clubhead of the KING utility iron features a tungsten weight that is positioned in the toe of the clubhead, the positioning of this weight increases MOI (moment of inertia) which in return delivers exceptional forgiveness.