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why do i hit the ground behind the golf ball

why do i hit the ground behind the golf ball插图

What Causes Hitting Behind the Golf Ball?Sweeping Swing One of the reasons for hitting behind the ball is that you are trying to assure you will get the ball in the air by swinging up at the ball. This is often the case with new or high-handicap golfers. …Ball Position …Lack of Hip Rotation …

Why do I hit the golf ball behind the ball?

Hitting behind the ball causes a divot to get between your club and the ball, resulting in an ugly mis-hit which tends only to jump 5 or 10 yards forwards. Hitting behind the ball can happen to anyone but is especially common with high handicappers.

How do you hit the ground when hitting the ball?

1) Most people who hit the ground behind the ball, when they approach impact, the club face is an open position. Your body is smart, so what it does instead is it tries to do its best for you as you flick your wrists and try to the face up to the ball at impact.

How to hit a golf ball from the center of stance?

The goal is to feel the clubhead working down and hitting the ground where the ball would be; in front of the center of your stance. After you get the feel for leading with the hands and hitting the ground, add a golf ball and hit some shots.

Why do I hit it fat in the golf swing?

Here are 3 reasons and fixes for why you hit it fat: Staying centered during the swing is a big issue for a lot of golfers. If your weight moves laterally (away from the target) on the backswing, the center of your swing moves. The problem with this is that the golf ball does not move with you.

Why do I hit the ground before the ball in golf?

The reason you are hitting the ground first before the golf ball is due to a fault in your golf technique. This could be caused by many factors (which we will discuss) that relate to your swing, body position, or even where you place the golf ball.

What are the factors that affect the golf swing?

These include hip slide, head movement, dipping the shoulder, bending your lead arm, releasing the club too early, and not distributing your weight through your swing correctly. Going through every possible aspect of why you are hitting the ground before the golf ball will be covered …

How to swing a door frame?

Then cross your arms across your chest as if you were holding a club. Subsequently, make a backswing turn and then a through swing turn. During your through swing turn, you should try and allow your left hip to move laterally, only enough to make slight contact with the door frame.

How to get the perfect swing in golf?

To acquire the perfect golf swing technique will mean that you will hit the ball consistently with power and place it where you would like it to go. However, a lousy technique will reak havoc on your game, causing you to hit the ground before the ball and elevating your handicap. Let’s remedy this.

What is a fat shot?

When you are striking the ball at a shallow angle, the low point of your swing is situated behind the ball, and this will cause you to hit what are known as “fat” shots. You will recognize these types of shots as they will also take divets out of the ground behind where the ball is placed.

Why do golfers slide their heads?

During the downswing, many players tend to slide their heads or will want to look at where they hit the ball. Unfortunately, this prevents the player from watching the club strike the ball and , in turn, will cause the entire upper body to move forward once again and impede proper recoil.

Why do you hit the ground first?

Hitting the ground first is because your angle of approach (angle at which the club is striking the golf ball) is too shallow. To put it in another understandable way, you are trying to hit the ball with an upwards motion. A golf club (your swing) actually moves through the shape of a circle, meaning when you swing your club, …

How to hit down on the ball?

Start with pitch shots and wedge shots and feel the weight on the front foot. You’ll most likely notice how this helps you hit down on the ball. After getting the hang of it with the shorter shots, try it with a bigger swing. If it feels strange go back to the shorter swings and gradually work your way up.

What happens when you whip the club inside on a takeaway?

When this happens the backswing becomes flat and inside and it’s very easy to hit behind the ball.

How to stay centered in golf swing?

A good way to stay centered is to get more weight on your front foot at address. The centrifugal force of the golf swing naturally tries to pull your weight away from the target. Setting a little more weight forward counteracts this natural tendency.

What is a flip in golf?

The “flip” or early release is a killer in the golf swing. Not only can it cause you to hit behind the ball, it is also robs you of power and distance. The release point is where the swing hits it top speed and if it happens before the ball, the club will be slowing down when it gets to the ball. No good!

What is the old saying about chili dipped?

Fat, chunked, chili dipped; call it what you will. as the old saying “thin to win” proclaims, there’s not much worse than hitting behind the golf ball.

How to stop flipping?

In order to eliminate the flip you need to get your hands leading at impact. The first step to fixing this is to work on reason #1 and get your weight forward at impact. It’s not easy to lead with the hands if you’re weight is on your back foot.

What does it mean when you hit behind the ball?

Hitting behind the golf ball, or hitting it "fat," is a common problem, especially with high handicappers. It is a frustrating mishit that results in added strokes to the scorecard.

What is the dip in golf?

Dipping the back shoulder during the downswing causes the body and hands to scoop at the ball (commonly called a "chili dip"). Keeping the upper body upright during the swing and concentrating on leading with the front shoulder can remedy this habit.

What does it mean when your leading arm is loose?

When the leading arm (left arm for right-handed players) isn’t straight, it causes a short backswing and prevents the upper body from making the proper coil. Keep the left arm straight, but not tense, and lead the body into the shot with the head and hips behind the ball.

What happens when you downswing in soccer?

During the downswing, players sometimes have the tendency to slide their head forward. This causes the upper body to slide forward, impeding a proper recoil.

Why does my golf club drop behind the ball?

Failure to naturally transfer the weight through the ball and onto the left commonly causes the club to drop behind the ball. The body and the club must work together in a proper weight transfer.

Can a fat shot happen on the right shoulder?

Improper weight transfer and dropping the right shoulder can lead to "fat" shots.

Who is Jim Hagerty?

Jim Hagerty is a writer and journalist who began writing professionally in 1996. He has had articles published in the "Rock River Times," "Builder’s Journal" and various websites. He earned a Bachelor of Science in public relations and journalism from Northern Michigan University in Marquette.

Why is the lead hand the most powerful way to throw a ball?

Because the lead hand is ahead and it’s the most powerful way to throw a ball and to generate speed – watch from 7 mins to see this exact drill. Get one of these as it will help you add speed and power to this motion. Now make some small swings with it, and toss the dog ball thrower into your practice net.

What is the club face?

1) Most people who hit the ground behind the ball, when they approach impact, the club face is an open position. Your body is smart, so what it does instead is it tries to do its best for you as you flick your wrists and try to the face up to the ball at impact. As a by-product, you will likely hit the ground first before the ball, or you will top it or thin it.

Does Danny Maude use a dog ball thrower?

One of his drills involves the use of a dog ball thrower. Yes, a dog ball thrower…

How many reps for a forward shaft lean?

Then from there, I’m going to put both those pieces together for another 100 reps, so 300 total reps getting some forward shaft lean, getting my momentum going through the shot.

Which side of the golf ball do you divot on?

All right, so if you guys have been trying to get a divot in front of the golf ball, and you try to keep your weight o the left side as you go into the backswing, but as you make a swing it ends up doing this. Oh, man. That divot went 20 feet.

What happens if you lean let and fall back away?

If I lean let and then fall back away, you’ll see that I’m not going to come through the shot, all my weight’s going to be on my right foot versus inside the right foot, all the way on around to the left foot coming through. That’s the first thing I see.

What does it mean when you chopping down into the ball?

Essentially, you’re chopping down into the ball which makes it difficult to make solid contact.