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why i quit golf

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Should I Quit Playing golf?

The only reason you would want to quit golf is if your doctor called you yesterday and said that he had good news and bad news. So you ask what’s the good news? And he says, you won’t have to worry about your slice any more cause you only have two days to live. And after the shock wears off, you ask what’s the bad news?

Why do people walk off the course early on golf advisor?

There are probably hundreds of Golf Advisor reviews where users have walked off the course early due to slow play. A few occurred when courses accepted tee times on the same day as large outings. Many, though, were simply incidents where the course grind to a halt for seemingly no reason.

Why is golf considered a bad sport?

Physically harms the body as a golf swing is an unnatural motion #5. Encourages cheating thus permeating society with anti-ethical people. #6. Wasteful of time #7. Considering that most balls, tees, shoes and belts (and some drivers) are white…it’s obviously a racist sport. #8.

What happened to jay7558927 on PGA Tour?

User ‘ Jay7558927 ‘ got a refund after a slow start to a round at a course in New Jersey. Played on a Sunday morning. Took 3 hours to get through 10 holes. No starter and no ranger to push painfully slow groups along. We walked off the course without finishing.

Is golf fun?

Golf is supposed to be fun and we have all been frustrated. But, we are not quitters and we think you should continue to play the game, but let’s find some advice to help you fix your issues with your swing or your mindset.

Can golfer get ball in air?

Golf can be very frustrating if the golfer can’t get the ball in the air or if it does get in the air the ball slices off the planet. Yes, we understand your frustration.

Can you quit the game of chess?

Do not quit the game, unless you need to take a break due to injury. Instead if you qualify under reasons 1 through 4, take some action and check out the resources we have provided.

How long is slow play golf?

Slow play is considered one of the cancers of the game. If you budget 4 1/2 hours to play and the round is heading toward 5 1/2 hours, something has to give. There are probably hundreds of Golf Advisor reviews where users have walked off the course early due to slow play.

Why did T1746859059 walk off a course in Scotland?

User ‘t1746859059’ walked off a coursein Scotland because he thought the terrain was too extreme to be enjoyed . He wrote:

Can bad weather cause golfers to walk off early?

Bad weather can cause even the toughest of golfers to walk off early. Me? I’m an extremist. I once finished a round at Trump International Golf Links Ireland(aka Doonbeg) in a four-club wind when most of the group quit after a handful of holes. A soft day, the Irish would call it.

Who is Jason Scott Deegan?

Jason Scott Deegan. Jason Scott Deegan has reviewed more than 1,000 courses and golf destinations for some of the industry’s biggest publications. His work has been honored by the Golf Writer’s Association of America and the Michigan Press Association.

Can temporary greens dampen a golf round?

An unforeseen temporary green can damper a fun round. Golf Advisor

Is it hard to clean a country house?

Cleansing homes or homes is a popular service amongst owners of country houses. Preserving their tidiness is commonly fairly frustrating and also hard, because it is a huge location of the premises as well as the surrounding area, there are many washrooms as well as areas for different purposes. Self-care for a lodge can be fairly tough, given that the process requires the availability of extremely various house chemicals, equipment and takes a lot of time.

Is too much sun bad for golf?

Too much sun can be a major problem, especially for older golfers. User ‘asoltan’ recently found the weather too hot at a coursein California. "I quit after the front 9, because it was so hot and I was getting light headed. So next time i play this course will probably be October unless I schedule a 7am tee time. All in all, it’s a great course!"


Not sure I have ten
1. Blades are too easy to hit (even some dos okay them)
2. Too many cart girls grind on me endlessly
3. My seven iron carries 192 .. Does nirvana exist past this?
4. Scotty’s are the best
5. Polar vortexes
6. Tiger is already the best based on field depth
7. I can’t catch Nicklaus for most majors


1 slow play
2 slow play
3 slow play
4 slow play
5 slow play
6 slow play
7 slow play
8 slow play
9 slow play
10 not having time for 5 plus hr. rounds


If I paid an arm and a leg for a set of clubs and then bought another.

What are the back tees for golf?

The back tees are for the very best golfers. There are usually two or three sets of other tees designed to give mid-to-high handicappers less of a challenge and to speed up play. Did you know there is no such thing as “ladies tees?” I was amused that the PGA is tilting at this windmill via their “Tee It Forward” program. They are trying to get the high handicappers to move up on the tee and shorten the golf course to match their ability. This program has a fat chance of succeeding because Golfer-Jerks think it’s sissified to play from anywhere but the back tees.

What is PAS golf?

PAS: Play with a woman. On Saturday or Sunday morning. Even better: Play with your WIFE on Saturday or Sunday morning. A foursome of husbands and wives waiting on the tee among the Golfer-Jerks will drive them crazy.

What is passive aggressive solution?

Passive Aggressive Solution (PAS): Play from the shortest tees ( commonly referred to as theladies tee.”) Especially when playing behind a slow group! Nothing frosts them more that to realize that your drive and their drives are in the same general area (because you tee’d off 100 yards ahead of where they did.)

Why do bad golfers make ball marks?

(Thus a ball mark.) Bad golfers rarely make ball marks because our approach shots are usually low rollers.

What does PAS mean in the car?

PAS: Leave a nice note… I like grass, please don’t cover it up with your car.”

Is golf a game of solitude?

Golf is a game of quiet solitude communing with nature, right? Not where the Golfer-Jerks are concerned. This is THEIR course and no other game matters but THEIRS. You can be standing on a tee just a few yards away and if a putt is sunk to win a quarter, they whoop and hollar as if it mattered.

Where to leave cigarettes and cigars butts?

Leave cigarettes and cigars butts around the greens.

When Golf Has Become A Time-Sink

Your family never sees you. You’ve all but lost contact with your non-golfing friends. You miss birthdays, graduations, your child’s first words just to be on the green. On the rare occasion you spend time outside of the golf range, all you can talk about is golf.

When It Becomes Too Expensive

Has golf become a burden on your finances? You may make a quarter of a million a year, but between the green fee, membership dues, tournament fees, and buying a new set of putters every quarter, you’ll be eating cat food and spam for Thanksgiving dinner.

When Your Body Is Begging You To Quit

Between the sunspots, backaches, injuries, and beer bellies, golf has already begun to take a toll on your body. Instead of relaxing in a massage chair, you’re up on your feet for hours trying to rescue your ball from a sand trap—why would you do this to yourself willingly?