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why is my golf swing so inconsistent

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Varying levels of tension

Why am I so up and down in my golf swing?

I’ve found the biggest reason why people are really up and down is for one main reason: their golf swing isn’t fundamentally sound. I am NOT calling you out by any means because I have never seen your swing, set up, or fundamentals, so I have NO CLUE. I am just basing this off the assumption at my golf club where I play.

Why is my golf so inconsistent?

6. Not Hitting The Ground If you don’t truly understand how a golf ball gets into the air, it can certainly lead to inconsistency. Many golfers come to the sport from another. For example, a tennis player will contact the ball almost opposite to a golfer.

Are You compensating in your golf swing?

The more you compensate in your golf swing – the more inconsistent your golf swing will become. The whole process of the golf swing is a chain reaction where everything one part of your body is doing is affecting another part of your body. If you’re not balanced at set-up – one part of your body will need to compensate for it during the golf swing.

Why do I swing around the golf course without confidence?

The uncertainty leads to swinging without any confidence. The problem compounds and next thing you know you have lost all confidence as your plot your way around the course! I prefer to have a go to stock shot that is a draw shot for me.

Why Is My Golf Swing So Inconsistent?

I would shoot 71 one day and then come back and shoot 76. This was often caused by hitting my driver with too big of a draw or hooking the ball too much.

What are the best golf instructors?

Here is a list of golf instructors that we have reviewed: 1 George Gankas 2 Bobby Lopez 3 Shawn Clement 4 Mike Malaska 5 Jim Venetos 6 Monte Scheinblum

How many yards extra can you get from superspeed golf?

Here is a better long term solution. Train with SuperSpeed Golf and gain 4-6% in swing speed which could mean 20-30 yards extra with the driver.

How long does a golf swing last?

This happens when we are trying to make swing changes or are starting to lose confidence in your swing. The average golf swing only last around 1.3 seconds. If you are going to stand there and have 5 swing thoughts, you probably are not going to hit a quality shot.

How to measure 3:1 ratio?

This 3:1 ratio can be measured by checking out the number of frames on the backswing and see the ratio on the number of frames on the downswing.

What happens if you have the wrong shaft in your driver?

This one is rather simple. If you have the wrong shaft in your driver, whether it is too lite or too whippy, you are going to struggle. Shafts will often come in different levels of stiffness.

What should you do before a shot?

Prior to the shot, you can rehearse the feel you want, but as your step to the ball you should turn your focus to the target. Shawn Clement is wonderful at this and you should check out his video below:

How to make better decisions in golf?

This is a lesson that all golfers can learn. Try to under-react to your bad shots and just go get the ball and try again, or adjust your gameplan to be a little more conservative if you continue to struggle. Remaining calm can help you make better decisions and help your shots stay in play.

How many clubs can you carry in a golf bag?

You can carry up to 14 clubs in your bag and they are all a different length. That alone leads to insistency with many golfers. Taking a real practice swing allows you to get used to the length club you are swinging and if the ball is on the ground, also gives you the opportunity to have that club brush the grass.

What happens if you lose your balance in golf?

If you make your perfect golf swing and you lose your balance you could ruin a perfect golf shot.

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Why do you have to adjust your ball position when you pop your driver up?

You then make the adjustment, because you know your tendencies and make yourself better as you go throughout your round.

Why is it important to remain calm in golf?

Remaining calm can help you make better decisions and help your shots stay in play. It is also makes you a golfer that others will enjoy.

Why is my golf bag not consistent?

1. Inconsistent Set Up. Good posture is the key to balance and good solid contact. Being in proper posture for each and every club in your bag will almost always lead to being more consistent in contact and direction.

Why is it important to have fun while playing golf?

You will be amazed by how much better your swing consistency and scores will improve by simply having fun on the course. Even pros understand that the idea of golf is to get exercise while being in the sunshine and fresh air, so why don’t you do so as well.

Why do we use analogies in golf?

Using analogies will relax your body, allowing for a better and more consistent swing and making playing the game much more pleasurable.

Why is my swing so inconsistent?

The frustration you are feeling will cause you to implement techniques that do not work for you making your scores lower and your swing even more inconsistent than before. However, it may be that your technique is not the problem at all, as your frustration level has become the apex of your problems with your swing.

How to correct an unsound swing?

One way to correct the problem of an unsound swing is to practice, practice, practice. Go out on the range as often as you can and study videos of golfers and golf instructors explaining plus demonstrating good form in their golf swings.

What is the dream of a golfer?

Written by Justin Adams in Beginners’ Tips. A golfer’s dream is to play the perfect game with consistent swings that lead to high scores. While practice makes perfect, you chase the aspiration of consistency and spend time on the range playing, yet your scores are all over the place. How do you improve your swing to play a better, …

How to stop thinking about your technique?

One way to stop thinking so much about your technique is to practice using analogies. Many top Pros use simple analogies to not get too technical when improving their golf swings. One such analogy for new golfers is to pretend the golf club is a hammer.

How to stay calm during a golf match?

One way to gain control and remain calm under such circumstances is to learn how to breathe. While that may sound strange, when humans are tensed, their breathing tends to become shallow and be performed from the top of the lungs instead of the diaphragm. Practicing before a match to relax using deep breathing techniques is very helpful in both your attitude toward the game and your swing consistency.

How does balance affect golf swing?

For example: our balance while standing over the golf ball will influence how our bodies move when we swing the golf club back. If we’re not balanced at set-up – our bodies will need to counter-balance during the back swing to compensate for the unbalanced set-up. Thus, while your brain is feeling that you’re starting to become unbalanced – it starts to tell other parts of your body to compensate so you don’t fall. Thus, such things as your hands and arms and legs have to make compensations for your bad set-up.

Why do we need to counter balance during back swing?

If we’re not balanced at set-up – our bodies will need to counter-balance during the back swing to compensate for the unbalanced set-up. Thus, while your brain is feeling that you’re starting to become unbalanced – it starts to tell other parts of your body to compensate so you don’t fall.

Who eliminated a whole slew of compensations during the back 9 holes?

However – the more compensations you eliminate – the more consistent you become. Obviously Nick Watney eliminated a whole slew of compensations during the back 9 holes! How did he do it?

How many holes did Nick Watney score in the 3rd round?

In the article – it told of how PGA Tour Player Nick Watney was 7 over par for the first 43 holes of a PGA tournament and then all of sudden something “popped” into his head. During the remaining 11 holes of the 3rd round he scored 9 under par! Did you hear me? 9 under for 11 holes!!! He ended up scoring a 28 on the back 9 holes!

How to stay on the ground during a golf swing?

Ideally, you will be able to keep both of your feet completely flat on the ground throughout the backswing and downswing, only allowing your right heel to come up when you are moving into the follow through phase of the swing. Letting the heels come up off the ground is another move that is regularly associated with power. Some golfers believe that they will be more powerful if they use this kind of footwork, but that is almost never the case. Stay down in the backswing and downswing and you should be able to locate the sweet spot at impact far more regularly.

How to check your golf ball position?

To check your ball position, simply tee one up and take your address, then drop the club straight down. The grip end should point at your left heel. If not, adjust accordingly.

What is maddening driving?

What’s truly maddening is a driving game that’s solid one round, so-so the next. Why is it so difficult to hit it well off the tee from round to round? Consider that the driver is the longest, least lofted club in your bag. That means your fundamentals must be spot-on to make good contact time after time. Because of the club’s length, maintaining those fundamentals requires constant vigilance.

Why do you want to watch golf shots?

For one thing, you want to watch the other shots because they can give you bits of information about the course that will be helpful. Did the ball take a big bounce when it landed, or did it stop quickly? Did the wind appear to affect the flight of the shot? These questions can be answered by watching other people play, and the info that is gained can help you execute more effectively.

How to control golf club?

Choke down slightly on the grip. This is a basic, yet important, adjustment that you can make in order to gain control over the club – and the ball as well. Before starting your swing, or even taking your stance , choke down by an inch or so on the grip of your club. Doing this is going to effectively shorten the length of the club that you are using, which will make it easier to find the sweet spot at impact. Sure, you might give up a few yards of distance when employing this method, but the trade off will be more than worth it if you are regularly able to hit the fairway. Many professional golfers use this plan to gain control over the club, as they know that sacrificing a few yards of distance is a good choice to make if it means hitting more accurate shots.

How to hit a draw better than a fade?

Even if the hole is not bending the same direction as your preferred ball flight, you still may be able to fit your shot in to find the fairway. It would be nice to draw and cut the ball on command as you move around the course, but doing so requires a high skill level and plenty of practice. Instead of trying to be something you aren’t, stick with your trusted shots and execute consistently time after time.

Why do horses wear blinders?

In horse racing, the term ‘blinders’ refers to a piece of equipment that is worn by the horse in order to prevent them from being distracted by other horses in the race (or the fans, or anything else). This concept, minus the actual equipment, applies perfectly to the way you should play golf.

How to play iron golf?

Here are two great tips to help you achieve both goals: 1 Good Posture for Good Golf 2 Maintain Spine Angle 3 Hand position: Hit down to make the ball go up. That’s the essence of iron play. Unless you’re hitting the ball with a descending blow, you’re losing distance, accuracy and backspin. Striking down on the ball begins – where else? – at address. Make sure your hands are slightly ahead of the ball, with the shaft leaning toward the target, before taking the club back. 4 Alignment: Hitting the ball solidly but spraying shots all over the course? Assess your alignment. Lining up off-target is an obvious flaw which causes a less-than-obvious problem. When your alignment is off, your body will make swing adjustments to hit the ball at the target. Next thing you know, you’re coming over the top or casting the club.

How to improve consistency in golf?

If you can’t dedicate time to golf each and every day, it will always be hard to find consistency. However, you can build a practice schedule which should help you to play at a higher level more often than ever before. For example, if you can build your personal schedule to where you will be able to practice golf once per week, that may be enough to keep your swing in rhythm and working properly. Of course, trips to the driving range aren’t the only option – you can find improved consistency by simply playing more rounds of golf as well.

Why is golf so frustrating?

Golf is such a frustrating game in large part because of the inconsistency that plagues the average player. We all know the feeling – you hit a perfect tee shot on one hole with your driver, only to hook the ball into the woods on the next hole.

What happens if you make bad decisions on the golf course?

Poor strategy. Making bad decisions on the golf course will often lead to inconsistent results. For most amateur players, this means being more aggressive than is necessary based on the design of the course. Golf courses are often designed in such a way that entices you to be aggressive – when playing it safe is really the better choice. Bad strategy can easily lead you to inconsistent play, as your risky decisions will work out some of the time, but they will fail a large percentage of the time as well. By learning how to play a more measured, intelligent game, you can iron out some of the inconsistency that may be present in your current results.

What is consistency in games?

When it comes to consistency, most of the discussion is going to focus on things other than your physical technique – things like game planning, focus, etc. If you are open to improving your game in these areas, you should be able to find added consistency without making any significant changes to your mechanics.

What is the mental side of golf?

The mental side of the game is a huge component to your success or failure on the course. Many players neglect to think about thinks like planning their iron shots, and those players struggle to improve as a result. Don’t always blame your failures on the course on a faulty swing – it may be that your mental game simply isn’t up to the task of playing at a higher level. Work on your mental game just as hard as your physical game if you want to see real improvement.

How to improve golf?

If you find that you struggle with this part of the game, you may be able to improve through the use of a pre-shot routine . A pre-shot routine is a process that you use prior to every shot you hit on the course. This routine can include any number of different elements, as long as it doesn’t take too long to complete. The great thing about a routine is the fact that it can serve as a trigger for your brain to switch back to golf mode. Even if you have been chatting and laughing about other things, the start of your routine should engage your focus and allow you to perform at your highest level.

Why do swing coaches look at their swing?

This is also true for the pros. That is why they have the swing coaches look at their swing. It’s because some part of their fundamentals breakdown.

Why do people go up and down in golf?

the biggest reason why people are really up and down is for one main reason: their golf swing isn’t fundamentally sound. The players who are very fundamentally sound in their set up, grip, posture, etc. etc. tend to not be "up and down" players as often as those who are less conventional in their golf swing and play.

Why do people play up and down?

the biggest reason why people are really up and down is for one main reason: their golf swing isn’t fundamentally sound. The players who are very fundamentally sound in their set up, grip, posture, etc. etc. tend to not be "up and down" players as often as those who are less conventional in their golf swing and play.

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How far away do you have to be to score in basketball?

If you want to be scoring consistently you have to have a short game from within 100 yards. this is where 70% of your scores comes from.

Is DJ swing handsy?

DJ’s swing is about as handsy as can be, and more hand action (using the small muscles to control the clubface) you use, the more susceptible you are to inconsistency. Especially under pressure. On the chat on this website for the final round I actually called before he tee’d off that I thought he would struggle because of the handsy-ness of his swing. I didn’t think he would shoot 82, but I thought the pressure might bet to him.

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