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why lift a golf cart

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Advantages of lifting a golf cartThe ground clearance increases. …Lifting provides your cart with an additional speed.A lifted golf cart is much better when it comes to carrying quite a few people or an extra load.The overall look of your cart will completely change. …

Why should you buy golf cart lift kits?

Why Golf Cart Lift Kits? Many golf cart owners and golf cart enthusiasts are turning to lift kits, not just because they are necessary if you plan on adding larger tires or carrying an extra amount of weight, but also because they make the golf cart look totally rugged and awesome.

Why is my golf cart not level after lifting?

A lifted golf cart can not be level if you are not using pieces of different lift kits instead of a complete kit. A problem with the alignment after lifting the cart can also cause the golf cart to not be level. Make sure that the leaf spring is not sagging.

How to lift a golf cart with cartwheels?

The support plate goes directly to the golf cart and attaches your custom lift kit to the wheels. The tools you need from the project include wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, and others. You need to use the right tools to remove the cartwheels carefully. Keep the nuts and bolts in one place and closer to where they come from.

How much does it cost to lift a golf cart without tires?

DEALER LOCATOR: Find a Golf Cart Dealer Near You One reason to stop is money, of course. A lift kit without new tires can run from $100 to $400, but it is not wise to go cheap on such a project. You don’t want taller and weaker.

What parts do you need for a golf cart lift kit?

There are several parts that we recommend replacing and/or adding while you are down there adding your golf cart lift kit and one that we ALWAYS recommend is: Heavy Duty Leaf Springs: This may be a no-brainer, but Heavy Duty Golf Cart Leaf Springs are essential. If you are planning on adding bigger tires and a lift kit, …

What is a golf cart tire?

A golf cart part that would be essential to installing bigger, meatier golf cart tires. A golf cart accessory that would make it a breeze to bump on over rougher more rugged terrain without fear of “bottoming out” while carrying back seat passengers (which, of course makes the golf cart heavier than if you had a few golf bags or a cooler in …

Why do golf carts need lift kits?

Many golf cart owners and golf cart enthusiasts are turning to lift kits, not just because they are necessary if you plan on adding larger tires or carrying an extra amount of weight , but also because they make the golf cart look totally rugged and awesome. Some folks do it for actual workability on rugged terrain and some folks just do it for show.

Where is the habitat of golf carts?

For decades upon decades, the elusive habitat for a golf cart was really any climate from the Arctic Circle to the equator, just as long as the ground was, for the most part grassy, sprawling/rolling hills with a few low-impact paths that connected on relatively flat surface to another, in couplings of eighteen or nine.

Do golf carts have predators?

Yes, you guessed right! These things were called “Greens” and they were a part of a system of tee boxes, ponds, sand traps and fairways. Essentially, your basic, run of the mill golf course. However, golf carts, much like most other species that are invasive, had no predator to be concerned about and there, was born an expansion into back-country …

Do you need leaf springs for a cart?

If you are planning on adding bigger tires and a lift kit, to prepare for driving on more rough and rugged terrain, all while carrying more weight, then you will definitely want to get a set of heavy duty leaf springs to throw on your cart. They are super easy for regular folks to install and can be replaced within a short amount of time.

Do you need to overhaul your golf cart?

This means that you must overhaul the underbelly of your golf cart to give way for extra width and height of your new tires. As you can imagine, this can become a pretty involved task/project and generally requires the assistance of a golf cart tech or service depot, especially if you do not have the tools necessary or the knowledge to get …

Why do you need a lift kit for a golf cart?

Investing in a lift kit is an investment in the safety, comfort, and aesthetics of your prized possession. When you choose which golf cart you’re going to purchase, or even if you’ve already purchased one, make sure to add a lift kit to your must-have accessories list. You’ll find that adding some lift will be the finishing touch that makes your golf cart truly incredible.

Why do golf carts lift?

There are at least five reasons why lifted golf carts are so awesome. Sure, the custom paint job and special design do a lot to make your cart look unbelievable. But when you add three to six inches of lift to your ride, your cart is going to look and drive incredibly well. 1. A Smoother Ride.

What does it mean to have bigger tires on a golf cart?

Another added bonus: bigger tires mean you can increase your cart’s rate of speed. 2. A Safer Ride. When you lift your cart, you’re giving yourself the space you need to add bigger, bulkier tires. These tires are wider than standard golf cart tires, meaning you end up adding to the width of your cart.

What does a lift cart look like?

Lifted carts look so cool. They look like pimped out trucks, or even monster trucks. If you want people to stop and stare – get a lift.

What happens if your cart is not up to road safety standards?

If your cart is not up to road safety standards, you could receive expensive fines and get into a lot of trouble. You can avoid this by adding some weight to your cart.

How much does a cart weigh?

This weight ranges between city, county, and state. However, the average tends to be somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds.

Can you customize a golf cart?

Buying a golf cart and customizing it has never been easier or cooler . There are so many options for decking out a golf cart – it’s crazy! When considering which golf cart to invest in, you’ve likely thought about how you want your golf cart to look. The finished product – you have a vision in your head and it’s going to look amazing.

Why do people buy lift kits?

There are many reasons to buy a lift kit including the fact that they turn a buggy-looking golf cart into something that looks more like a roadster.

What is the work at the rear end of a cart?

Work at the rear end also involves adding heavier leaf springs and removing the rear axle assembly. The core feature is the new shock mount plates that lift up the cart to allow for more space under the wheel wells.

How to do a lift kit?

The basic lift kit involves removing the front axle and rack and pinion assemblies and replacing the spring plate with an extended version that is essentially like putting a spring plate with brackets in place. Then, when you put things back together, you will need spacers in various places to make up for the new reach. It’s hard to imagine anyone going this route without changing leaf springs to a heavier variety. If you want taller, but are not expecting to add any more load weight, you could get away with leaving the original leaf springs in place.

How much does a lift kit cost without tires?

One reason to stop is money, of course. A lift kit without new tires can run from $100 to $400, but it is not wise to go cheap on such a project. You don’t want taller and weaker. You want a solid job if you do this at all.

What is the habitat of a golf cart?

For many decades the natural habitat of the golf cart was almost any climate from the equator to the arctic circle so long as the terrain was mostly grassy, rolling hills with a few meandering paths that wandered from one relatively flat space to another usually in groupings of nine or eighteen. The relatively flat spaces had very short grass …

Can you lift a golf cart?

Depending on the tire-expectations at the local golf course, this is often a one-way conversion, which is to say you can lift a golf cart and turn it into a back-road vehicle that also works well as a four or six-passenger carryall, but you might be canceling out the carts use on golf courses, as many of them don’t like the big, beefy tires that can chew up the luscious fairways.

Is a golf cart heavier than a golf bag?

New tires were a help and now, with growing popularity, those low-slung golf carts that were intentionally light and bouncy are suddenly getting taller and heavier, making them better suited to bumping over rough terrain without bottoming out while also taking on passengers in the back seat (s) which likely make them heavier than a couple of golf bags.

What is a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

Golf cart lift kits are engineered parts that you can install on your golf cart in order to raise the height an additional 3 – 8 inches (We’ve even seen them up to 12″). This is excellent for those looking to add ground clearance (for off-roading), or a wider, more stable stance to their golf cart. This is also essential for those looking to add bigger tires and rims to their cart, making for a smoother more enjoyable ride.

What is the best lift for a golf cart?

4″ Lifts. If you are looking for 4 inches specifically, then a block lift is going to be your best option. These are the easiest to install, tend to be affordable, and still allow you to add taller, beefier tires to your custom golf cart.

What is a drop spindle lift?

Drop Spindle Lift Kits are probably the most popular options when increasing the ground clearance for your golf cart. These kits are very easy to install, they utilize the already existing suspension, and they aren’t expensive. Drop Spindle kits are used to replace and increase the golf cart spindle size and length.

What is an A arm lift?

A-Arm lift kits tend to be a beefier version of Drop Spindle kits (we talk about these next). These kits will pretty much replace the entire front suspension of your golf cart. This helps the cart ride smoother, giving you a more comfortable experience when driving.

How does a drop axle lift work?

The way a drop axle lift works, is they add a longer stock radius, which then tapers down to the spindles already attached to the golf cart. This can increase the axle height, and allows you to replace the whole front axel without having to mess with your spindles.

What size tires are available for a custom cart?

These tend to be very popular for those looking to add those cool 20″ tires to their custom cart. Not only that, but you can find 3 inch kits in all the styles we mention above including Spindle, A-Arm, and Drop Axle.

Why do golf carts have wider stances?

This can give your golf cart a wider stance, and increase the stability. The wider stance is perfect for those looking to fit those big off-set wheels on your cart, which in turn, can allow you to add wider and taller tires.

What is the most common lift for golf carts?

The most common lifts are spindle and drop axle. Recently long travel adjustable lifts have taken golf cart lifts to a whole new level! These truly amazing lifts allow you to be in control of your carts height and easily change it to suit your needs. Spindle lifts are probably the easiest kits to install as well as the cheapest.

What are the benefits of lifting?

One of the biggest benefits you will gain from a lift is that in raising the center of gravity your clearance is increased. Now you can navigate rough terrains you probably couldn’t before!

What is an adjustable tire kit?

An adjustable kit will give you the freedom to drop your cart down and swap your tires when you want to play a round. All terrain tires are designed to be used both on and off road, however you will wear them down faster on pavement and the ride is not all the time pleasant.

What is the easiest lift to install?

Spindle lifts are probably the easiest kits to install as well as the cheapest. Spindle lifts simply replace the factory spindles lifting the cart. Drop axle lifts replace the entire axle and can be a little more expensive and complicated to install. However a axle lift is a much stronger cleaner looking lift.

Why are larger tires better for climbing?

More work combined with the strain to rotate the larger tires will greatly reduce your climbing speed and load carrying torque.

Why do tires roll faster on flat ground?

When you increase the overall height of your tires you may gain a little top-end speed when on flat ground, due to larger tires rolling further with each revolution. More strain is put on your motor or engine to move the larger tires the same amount of rotations it was moving the smaller tires.

What is the best lift kit?

Drop axles are usually the best lift kits you can buy and there are several great premium manufacturer’s such as Jake’s or All Sports Mfg. Always invest as much as possible, as quality really makes a huge difference in a lift kit. Save up if you have to but never sacrifice quality for cost!

Should I Lift my Golf Cart?

The decision to lift or not depends on various factors, such as the terrain.

How to remove a cab jack?

Loosen the lug nuts and lift the front end sufficiently to accommodate larger tires and lift kit. Lower the cab onto the jack and roll the floor jack away.

What parts do you need for a golf cart?

Some of the crucial parts you are going to need to include longer shocks, springs, axles, and A-arms. A support plate may also be necessary, at least for most golf carts. The support plate goes directly to the golf cart and attaches your custom lift kit to the wheels.

What is a block lift kit?

Block Lift Kits enhance the appearance and height of your golf cart. The system is usually a spacer between the frame and suspension, with the flexibility and functionality to boot.

What is the best axle for a club car?

New and longer axles are most appropriate for the best results. It is critical to carefully balance the front and rear of the club car to ensure it runs smoothly when driving.

What to do if you have trouble with your cart axles?

If you’re having trouble with the axles, let a professional do it for you. There is no harm in asking for help, and it goes a long way into ensuring your safety and durability of your cart. You can move on to the A-arms if you’re comfortable with this step.

What was the golf cart meant for?

In the not so far away past, golf carts were meant for the greens. You get the idea; flat surfaces with extremely short grass. However, the golf carts have moved past the golf courses into residential communities, beaches, backcountry areas, retirement communities, educational institutions, and hospitals, among others.

Why is my golf cart lift kit not level?

Sagging leaf springs or using the wrong size of tires can cause a golf cart lift kit to not be level.

What is a Madjax golf cart lift?

On the other hand, Madjax is known as one of the leading brands of golf cart lift kits. Every accessory of the Madjax lift kit are made with great attention to detail, but sometimes you may find a few parts missing from some kits. Sometimes the Rhox lift kit is hard to use on the standard golf cartwheels.

How high should a golf cart lift?

If you are buying a right lift kit, then 6′ will lift your cart 6″. And now, if you go for (22″–18″)=4″ stock, then the tire will require an additional height lift of 4″/2=2″. The golf cart’s current height+ lifting height+additional tire height = the total new height of your cart.

Why is it important to lift a golf cart?

The ground clearance increases. A larger ground clearance on your golf cart allows it to miss hazards on the roads like rocks, bumpers and tree stumps which could normally damage your golf cart. Lifting provides your cart with an additional speed.

What are the problems with EZGO golf carts?

The most common problems experienced with lifted EZGO golf carts is swaying of the golf cart and steering instability.

Why use a lift kit on a golf cart?

The advantages of using a lift kit on your golf cart is an increase in speed and an increase in ground clearance. You need to understand the advantages of lifting a golf cart so that you can make the decision confidently. The ground clearance increases.

Why replace golf cart wheels?

Maybe larger wheels are bothering your ride which is also making the handling difficult. By replacing the larger wheels with a smaller size, the golf cart will be more stable.