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why use hybrid golf clubs

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How to choose the best hybrid Golf Club?

What Makes a Perfect Pick?Length. Regardless of which kind of golf club you are looking for,if it does not have the appropriate length for your body,you won’t be comfortable using it at …Shaft. There are two primary types of shafts when it comes to hybrid golf clubs; steel and graphite. …Technology. …Loft Angle. …

What are the advantages of using hybrid golf clubs?

Low pricingSpeed pocket technologyIncreased speedHigher launch

How to choose your golf hybrid clubs?

Spend some time. It is never a good idea to expect immediate results in golf. …Find your flight. The ball flight you produce with a hybrid club may be a bit different than what you generate with some of the other clubs in your bag. …Watch ball position. It is a common mistake to play the ball too far back in the stance when using a hybrid club. …

What is a hybrid Golf Club good for?

Try using the hybrid club off the tee. If you’re struggling to hit your driver,or if you’re facing a really narrow fairway,hybrids work well off the tee. …Address the ball properly. …Understand the lie in the rough you have. …Chip with a bump-and-run technique. …Plan for the roll. …

What is the toughest club in golf?

The long irons–the two, three and four–have long been considered the toughest clubs in the bag for most amateur golfers. But up until the past several years, amateurs didn’t really have an option for replacing these clubs, which cost them so many shots so far from the green. Hybrid clubs are that option. A hybrid with 18, 22 or 24 degrees of loft can easily replace longer irons. Many players find the hybrids so easy to use, they replace their five or six irons, too.

What is hybrid golf?

Hybrid clubs combine all the best qualities of both fairway woods and long irons while attempting to avoid the negatives of both. Slide one or more of these clubs into your bag and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Why use a hybrid golf club?

Reasons to Use a Hybrid Golf Club. Hybrids help get the ball out of tough lies. The development of the hybrid golf club has virtually revolutionized the golf club manufacturing industry to the point that the typical eight- or nine-iron set of clubs is, if not quite endangered, definitely threatened. Hybrid clubs combine all the best qualities of …

How many degrees of loft can a hybrid iron have?

A hybrid with 18, 22 or 24 degrees of loft can easily replace longer irons. Many players find the hybrids so easy to use, they replace their five or six irons, too.

Is the hybrid golf club endangered?

The development of the hybrid golf club has virtually revolutionized the golf club manufacturing industry to the point that the typical eight- or nine-iron set of clubs is, if not quite endangered, definitely threatened.

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Should I Use A Hybrid?

Yes, the majority of golfers would benefit from putting at least one hybrid into their bag. Unless you are a high end player with a low single digit handicap with a driver swing speed over over 105 miles per hour, a hybrid will benefit your game.

Next Steps: Test Out A Hybrid

If you have a friend who has a hybrid, give it a swing or five at the driving range the next time you are both there. Or head to your local sporting goods store and hit several options into the simulator.

Take Action – What You Can Do Today to Get Better

What does this mean for you? I believe in the following recipe to get better:

What is a hybrid club?

The hybrid is a combination of iron and wood design elements, thus the name. A simple description – it sort of looks like a small fairway wood, but it offered in much higher lofts. The hybrid was introduced to the golf marketplace in the early 2000s and quickly grew in popularity.

Why is hybrid design important?

The hybrid design is so versatile and provides the golfer with more options on the course. All players should think about which clubs in their bag might be holding them back and determine if a hybrid is the correct answer.

Why use hybrid irons?

Why use a hybrid? Quite simply – they are easier to hit. While they were originally designed to replace long irons, they can be helpful as middle iron replacements, and even around the greens. First, hybrids have made 1-irons, 2-irons, and 3-irons almost extinct in the game of golf.

When did hybrid golf clubs come out?

The hybrid was introduced to the golf marketplace in the early 2000s and quickly grew in popularity. Its original intent was to replace long irons. Instead of having a 3-iron, you would have a 3-hybrid. While this continues to be the most popular loft of hybrids, you can now find entire sets of clubs that are more hybrid than conventional irons.

Is hybrid golf good for amateurs?

Everyone from high handicappers to PGA tour players have added them to their bags, but how will they help your game? Is this something you should try? The short answer is YES. There are very few amateur golfers that will not see value in the hybrid club design but let us dig a little deeper.

Can you swap out a 6 iron club for a hybrid?

If you can already hit nice, high 6-irons on to the green, you probably do not want to swap out that club for a hybrid. From our perspective, only beginners or high handicappers want to replace their middle irons with hybrid style clubs.

Should I use hybrids in golf?

The question for amateur golfer is not “should I use a hybrid?”, it is “how many hybrids should I use”? They make the game easier and will allow you play a variety of shots that will help improve your scores.

What is a Hybrid?

A hybrid club, also known as a utility or rescue club, takes design aspects of fairway woods and irons and combines them to make lower lofted clubs easier to hit.

Why are hybrid golf clubs called "rescue clubs"?

Some players call them "rescue" clubs because of their strong performance in adverse conditions, like deep rough or tight lies.

Who won the 2009 PGA Championship?

In August 2009, Y.E. Yang won the PGA Championship after a brilliant shot from the rough with a utility club on the tournament’s final hole. This approach shot, which stopped 12 feet from the hole, set up the winning birdie putt.

Why do golfers use hybrid irons?

Higher handicap golfers must use hybrids because, generally speaking, they don’t have the club head and ball speed to use long irons effectively . Shots with long irons that don’t have ample speed will come out too low, have too little spin, and run off the back of greens.

Why do tour pros use driving irons?

Tour pros use driving irons (which are basically part long iron/part hybrid) because they have a touch more versatility than hybrids when it comes to shaping shots and changing trajectory. The tour pros don’t need the forgiveness, they need the control — but we aren’t tour pros.

How tall is the average LPGA driver?

An LPGA Tour players’ average apex height with their driver is roughly 75 feet, and most amateurs never even get close to that height! I would say that most of my average players hit their long irons in the 45-60-foot range, with landing angles in the 20s and 30s. At that height, golfers simply do not hit the ball high enough to hold the green, which leads to hitting less greens in regulation.

What effect does vertical gear have on golf?

Vertical gear effect, will help increase spin on shots hit low on the face.

Why do hybrids help in golf?

There’s three reason why hybrids help to eliminate this miss: The center of gravity is farther back and lower, which helps lift the ball into the air.

Why is my golf ball coming in higher?

Therefore, a golf ball coming in higher will help offset the negative effects of the slope on your approach, and the ball stop quicker on the green.

Why are long irons good for golf?

However, if you play in hard and windy conditions, then it might be a good idea to have the long irons handy, because if it gets too blustery, a high and spinning shot will balloon. Approach shots are all about controlling angle of descent.

When To Use A Hybrid Club?

The hybrid will be used for tee shots or approach shots for a distance that matches that club. The hybrid can be used from the fairway, rough, and even sand traps. The versatility of the club and being able to use the club on pretty much any shot from any lie provides the golfer with some quality options.

Where To Use A Hybrid Club?

From any lie on the course, the hybrid is maybe the most versatile club in the bag. A 3 hybrid can be used frequently on shorter par 4s where accuracy is more important than distance or where there is a hazard in reach.

How To Use A Hybrid Club?

Depending on the lie the golfer will either want to slightly sweep the ball and hit it on the upswing or hit down slightly like an iron. Make sure you read your lie, understand what you are working with and make a selection. The ball position on your stance will impact where you catch the ball in the downswing.

Why Use A Hybrid Club?

The bottom line is the versatility and the extra distance and height that is provided. For those golfers that struggle to have enough swing speed to hit quality long irons, the hybrid is a great alternative.

How To Know What Is Best For Your Golf Game

We provided the 90 mile per hour rule with the driver as a benchmark. Maybe you don’t know your swing speed or want to actually measure what is best for your game! Too many golfers fail to test their options out and truly determine what is best for their swing and their golf game.

Closing Thoughts: My Secret To Golf Improvement

Let’s face it, in order to get really good at golf, we must practice frequently. About three years ago, I made the leap and invested in a golf simulator build for my garage.

Take Action – What You Can Do Today to Get Better

What does this mean for you? I believe in the following recipe to get better:

What is a hybrid club in golf?

Hybrids are a ‘rescue club’ designed to help golfers who struggle hitting long irons, with their wide sole making them more forgiving – but less workable. Hybrids glide through the rough easier than long irons, improving quality of strike, with their bigger base also helping get the ball into the air easier.

Why might somebody need a hybrid?

Hybrids are a great substitute for players who struggle to hit their long irons. The wider sole makes it easier for the average player to make solid contact with the ball, and the larger clubhead can also improve a player’s confidence as addressing the ball with a long iron can be quite daunting.

Should I carry a 5-wood or 3-hybrid?

There is very little difference between a 5-wood and a 3-hybrid. Both usually have between 17-19 degrees of loft, along with wider soles and greater clubhead dimensions than your standard long iron. In the end, it comes down to personal preference as both clubs perform virtually the same.

What are the easiest hybrids to hit?

The hybrids with the highest degrees of loft are going to be the easiest to hit. Just as a 9-iron is easier to hit than a 5-iron, a 4-hybrid is going to be easier to hit than a 2-hybrid, for example.

What are the best hybrids on the market?

Outside of the Cobra SpeedZone, there are a range of hybrid clubs to suit all price ranges and abilities.

Why do pros use long irons?

Because long irons have a slimmer clubface, it allows pro golfers to impart spin on the ball easier – meaning they can shape the ball left or right through the air with ease. Hybrids, while they are more forgiving, are harder to work the ball with due to their wide sole and larger clubhead.

Why do golfers use hybrid greens?

However, other PGA Tour competitors may look to use hybrids because of their versatility and forgiveness, but also on courses where the greens are firm – as hybrids tend to have a higher launch trajectory through the air, meaning they often land softer and have a better chance of holding the putting surface.

What is a hybrid clubhead?

And they did it by creating the hybrid clubhead, which, in terms of size, falls between the shallower (front to back) iron heads and deeper fairway wood heads.

Why is the hybrid head bigger?

The larger hybrid head helps get the ball up in the air.

Is a hybrid iron better than a long iron?

Yes, Hybrids Are Easier for Most Golfers to Hit Than Long Irons. The first question is easy to answer: Yes. Yes, hybrids are easier to hit than their corresponding long irons. (Remember: Long irons and hybrids cover the same yardages; that is, for the same golfer, a 3-iron and a 3-hybrid should be equivalent in the distance.

Do hybrids and irons have the same loft?

But wait, you say, hybrids and irons have roughly the same lofts by number (a 3-hybrid and 3-iron will be roughly the same loft, in other words). True, but there’s something about the clubhead design of hybrids that makes a big difference.

Who is Brent Kelley?

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